Six Months of Mayhem: Aquino's "Straight Path" Digs the Philippines Into A Deeper Hole

Mayhem and madness best describe the first six months into the Aquino presidency. Idiocy has pulled out all the stops. Clowns, retards, stooges, vampires, werewolves, all the inmates of Arkham asylum, and gangsters in corporate suits are having a field day digging a deeper hole for the Philippines to bury itself in.

Santa banana and unholy guacamole – starting with an inaugural that looked like Sesame Street and a cast made entirely of yellow big birds – and a collective IQ of just one dodo – (yes, that includes the IQ of the audience of Aquinotards and the Aquino cabinet).

As I told my friends and family before, during, and after the election – Noynoy Aquino IS and will continue to be a walking train wreck. Aquino’s path is anything BUT straight. Not with the kind of inutile and deviant company he keeps. You ask what train wreck? Here are the box cars that make up the Aquino high speed train to hell:

* EO #1 – (Truth Commission declared unconstitutional)

* EO #2 – (the high court’s status quo ante order on the case of Bai Omera Dianalan-Lucman has set a precedent for other officials affected by President Benigno Aquino III’s Executive Order No. 2 (EO 2).

* Pork Barrel has swelled – Aquino’s Pork Barrel is now bigger than ex-president Arroyo’s pork barrel. Not only that – Aquino gave Arroyo a pork barrel of P2.2B where other congressmen have only P50 million each.

* Mae Mislang and Jologization of Philippine Diplomacy – Aquino’s staff were totally clueless about protocol, ettiquette, and plain nice manners – certainly you can take the girl out of the barrio — but you can’t take the barrio out of the girl.

* Botched Mendoza Hostage-Taking – an entire comedy of errors in itself – I can understand if it were a Charlie Chaplin or Keystone Cops movie – but it wasn’t – and it wasn’t funny either.

* The shabbily executed Pilipinas “Kay Ganda” project – kay palpak, que horror – an “icon in Philippine cyberculture” who had premature ejaculation while on the wheel. At least he had the mental muscle to resign – unlike his limp-dicked boss of bosses.

* Nobel Boycott – Narcopolitics is now the Philippine national interest – protecting drug mules instead of prosecuting them.

* The Aquino Cult extends its hand into the Philippine Peso notes – and voila another botched design. Good lawd – just when you think that the gaffes will slow down – but .. currency???? Unholy turones omg – the Philippines is f*cked

Look at the bright side – Kris Aquino’s cougar antics pale in comparison to the buffoneery of her elder bro.

When will the train reach the station? Will it even get there? How long will Aquino stay on the rails? Does it matter really when the choice is one of the train being derailed at high speed – or going off the cliff?

Can Aquino show us the money? Let’s see for ourselves

GNP Growth Rate

As of Q3 2010, the GNP grew at 7.5%, slowing down from 7.6% in Q2 2010. Q3 however is still higher than the 4.1% growth recorded in Q3 2009.

GDP Growth Rate

As of Q3 2010, GDP grew at 6.5%, slowing down from 8.2% in Q2 2010. Q3 however is still higher than the 0.2% growth recorded in Q3 2009.


Exports slowed in Q3 2010, from $5.3M in Q2 2010 to $4.7M. For the same period last year, exports was $3.67M.


Imports increased in Q3 2010, from $4.4M in Q2 2010 to $4.5M. For the same period last year, imports was $3.67M.

Interest Rate

The interest rate remained steady at 4.3% for both Q2 and Q3, 2010. Last year’s rate for the same period, Q3 was 4.6%.

National Government Revenues

Revenue is down to P91.8M in Sep 2010, P107M in Aug. Revenues for the same time 2009 were also higher at P100M.

National Government Outstanding Debt

Oustanding debt increased from P4.605B in Jul 2010 to P4.691B in Aug 2010.

Consumer Price Index (2000=100)

The CPI represents prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services. The CPI increased to 167.5 in Nov 2010 from 166.1 in Oct.

The NSCB noted that “the year-on-year growth rates of consumer price indices (CPIs) for Food, Beverages and Tobacco (FBT), Fuel, Light and Water (FLW) and Services increased to 3.2 percent, 11.8 percent and 3.2 percent in September 2010 from their September 2009 rates of 2.2 percent, -3.4 percent and -3.3 percent, respectively.”

Whaddya know? Aquino’s oligarch pals are enjoying a bonanza – SLEX, NLEX, MERALCO, PLDT and the entire cast of the Philippine oligarchy are raking it in by the gazillions as 90 million Filipinos are trapped in a protectionist economy – no thanks to the Cory Aquino’s 1987 Constitution.



The Headline inflation rate rose to 3.0% in November 2010 – higher than the 2.8% recorded last month and last year for the same period. The core inflation rate is even higher at 3.5%.


Here’s what Aquino’s handlers will be saying – “The economy is looking good – the Philippines maintains its fundamentals” – inspite of increasing inflation, increasing unemployment, increasing CPI, slowing down of GDP and GNP growth.

The problem with this statement is that the Philippine fundamentals of protectionism are not addressing the free market “fundamentals” of its ASEAN and APEC partners.

Case in point – the double digit increase in tourist arrivals seems to look good. What’s not being said is that we need three-digit growth to be on an even keel with our ASEAN neighbors. There’s a word for that short-sightedness in goals and performance – mediocrity. The same obliviousness applies to the various measures of GDP, GNP, etc.

There goes the Philippines – madness, mayhem, and mediocrity – merese.

The good news is that Aquino’s performance – or to be more precise – the sheer lack of performance, has made it more acceptable for people to ask the right questions – Is this all we can do? What else can we do?

Oh by golly – there’s lots that can be done – charter change, federalism, parliamentary system, FOIA, culture of excellence, critical thinking – but that’s a blog for another day.



  1. 6 years of mediocrity and possibly even lowered expectations. Honestly, just in time for a Bong Bong Marcos crusade campaign by 2015. Sure PNoy’s mandate may attempt to break out, but even their patience would wear thinner than the onion skins they already wear against the likes of Adam.

  2. this is something so stupid for us to happen. SPECIALLY boycotting the Nobel Peace Prize?!

  3. ulong pare · ·

    daaang! bongv naman naman namannnnn…. 1. while in nuyak (UN), prez gung gong showed the world how to swallow a ‘merkan hotdog… a big ‘merkan hotdog without choking…. 2. he was the celebrity en grande at flipflam gatherings at Seafood City, fliptown kalipornya… those two accomplishments alone were considered major, major, major suckcesses…

  4. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    Hey Bong V:  ” you can take the girl out of the barrio but not the barrio out of the girl”, come on, barrio folks have better manners than what that Mislang character has shown.  The barrio folks are gracious for the little blessings, for the lugaw and bad ice cream that they get from ingratiating politicians like Duterte.  That’s why they keep electing corrupt and loser politicians in Davao.  They would never dare criticize any paltry of goodies handed to them, they would be full of gratitude and genuinely full of goodwill.  Thought at first it was Iida’s piece till I got to the youtube video part of the article.   

  5. @miriam:

    I sit corrected 🙂

    it’s insulting to barrio folks to be associated with Aquino, Mislang, et al. 😀

  6. Renato Pacifico · ·

    WHAAAAT?  President of glamourous amourous Republic of the Philippines choked on NYC hotdogs, met with pathetic overworked workers in Seafood City?  benign0 was even afraid to meet a sprinkling of Filipinos in Filipinotown in Los Angeles where hispanics are the majority and Filipino restaurants are mostly B or C graded by LA City Health Dept others experienced closure dure to rat and cockroach infestation.  
    Some restaurants not owned by Filipinos were also closed.  Reason:  INFESTATION!  White owners asked there is no cockroaches and rodents and rats.  City Health said “any restaurants visited by Filipinos are considered infestation because Filipinos are the pests and rodents”  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!  
    They spit on the floor, they do not clean their table after them, they pick their nose for bogers, pick their teeth  on the table, laughed like hyenas, rude, arrogant and they speakengese goot englischtzes

  7. Renato Pacifico · ·

    Wooooo!  6 months of denial of service!!!  Attaboy benign0!  You are the manna from heaven.  Heaven is ours.  God said “It is easier for a poor Filipino to pass thru the eye of the needle than a rich Filipino”  HEAVEN IS OURS!

  8. Juan dela Pluma · ·

    it’s inaccurate and unfair to attribute financial performance to penoy. according to mareng winnie, there’s a two year delay before a president affects the overall ph economy.

  9. The Lazzo · ·

    Babbyface is highly appropriate in this instance. At least I can hope that GMA will build the old Clark Field/DMIA into something better than NAIA is now.

    But hey, it could be worse than Bongbong ’16. We’re already facing KongressKris in 2013…

    Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe the administration President Kris will finally push this whole mess over the edge and we can start over from the ruins.


  10. The Lazzo · ·

    Pardon my French, but I believe the word you’re looking for is malaise?

    The good news is that Aquino’s performance — or to be more precise — the sheer lack of performance, has made it more acceptable for people to ask the right questions — Is this all we can do? What else can we do?

    My guess for the answers is: No, and BLAME GMA SOME MORE!

    Fuck, even my fellow ‘Murkans are waking up to the fact that Obama isn’t some kind of MIRACLE WORKER (caps for emphasis) and you just can’t keep blaming Bush ‘n Cheney for everything. Eventually, you’re going to have to do something about it like elect people to Congress that will actually get his campaign promises (e.g. repealing DADT) through.

  11. is there even a train to speak of?

  12. Except for debt. Debt incurred is reflected immediately; as for the rest, I don’t know if it takes a whole two years, but there is some lag.

  13. @juan,

    well, aquino’s handlers were beating their chests about the immediate economic turnaround after PNoy took office – good for the goose and not good for the gander?

    they should have thought about that – it’s time for Aquino’s handlers to get a dose of their own medicine.

  14. The Lazzo – absolutely, you are spot on the Aquinotards blame-Arroyo- game.

  15. ulong pare · ·

    daaaang! … outside my gated community (naks, ha nakakainggit), i’ve been living and enjoying the same-o-same-o flipland crap for over half a century… i haven’t seen any major major major changes to really call it a “change”… the only change flipland had shown so far is the monumental amount of pulubis begging in every street corner… the number of squats grew exponentially…from aparri to zamboanga… the gung gong flips even outproduced the kakroaches… sige lang, flips, iyot ng iyot…

  16. ulong pare · ·

    prez gung gong’s admin is really not digging… for some odd reasons, the flips enjoy living in a hole, which i prefer for them to be where they at… hoy mga gung gongs, kailan kayo matatauhan? bwi hi hi hi…

  17. Hyden Toro · ·

    It is ridiculous for us to remain in this kind of political system of electing a leader.

    It is like hiring a Manager in your company. He presents a fictitious resume. Because, you are also stupid, and did not conduct good background check. You hire him. As he assumes office: he runs your company to the Point of Bankruptcy. Your contract with him: is you cannot Fire him for the next six years.

    Are we that really stupid?

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