Let's Play "Constitutional Football"

Work in progress: Updated 12/21/2010

This operations framework white paper to achieve charter reform by 2013 is being released into the public domain for purposes of modification, revision, enhancement, reduction by any person who wants to step up to the task of moving the Philippines forward. Make your own modifications to the framework – then share what your modifications are. You know – how Linux is an open source operating system – let this operations plan be the Linux OS of charter change.

Imagine a marathon – we all have the same goal, we go at our own pace, and we reach the same finish line. Better yet, imagine the red team, green team, orange team – an all-star team playing constitutional football – against the Yellow Nazis reminiscent of Escape to Victory. πŸ˜€

Feel it – imagine it – see it happen – take shape – the constitution changing. You – out there, explaining and reaching out, connecting to our countrymen what charter change can do their personal lives. Share your truth – share enlightenment and pass it on – with fireworks. πŸ™‚



There are already many organizations advocating charter change – and at this point, am not sure whether the best course to take is:

a) incorporating another entity – or

b) cobbling a coalition or a a federation of organizations who agree that charter change is needed – and whether there is a need to incorporate such a federation.

c) both a) and b)

Action Items – Timeline

As much as possible we need to set a goal of achieving the following:

* Putting the item advocacy the agenda of Congress within the next 12 months

* Intensive lobbying with thought leaders throughout the 6-year campaign

* Rolling out the referendum preparations by the 2nd year

* Conduct of referendum by 3rd year

* Charter Change by the 4th year

– We have slack time of 1.5 years to lay down the organizational work to execute the strategy and achieve the goals.


Recommending an MLM approach as well – with each IBO “Independent Business Owner” – equipped with all the tools to explain the advocacy – PLUS an Internet backoffice – and teleconference numbers + SMS notificiations via Twitter and FB.

Let’s make it fun – we have lots to learn from the MLM organizing methods – then apply or import its best practices to our efforts – we might be surprised to achieve the goals faster πŸ™‚

Content Generation and Distribution Channels

We need a media kit aka for each volunteer – DVDs, Magazines, Brochures, Hand-outs, + an orientation course – content should be organized, cost-effective, light, portable – possibly in hip tote bags with the message of “unity through diversity and prosperity” – ? (any of you who know edgy designers for charter change?? – a line of apparel? – tshirts? ballers? coffee mugs? – revenue to cover operational expenses –

We’ll run a transparent, lean and mean ship.

Also we need to have content translated to the various major regional dialects.

By the second year – we should have enough funds to place radio and TV ads as well as buy air time for infomercials.

Operating Budget

We need to raise funds – lots of it – from a whole lot of people – in the sense that we will have:

* concerts

* dinner/dance

* dinner/plate

* golf tournaments

* townhall meetings.

Strategic and Tactical Objectives Planning Framework

All these activities need to be placed in a matrix consisting of the following column headings

A – General Objective: A new social contract.

B – Goal – Within he next four to five years, the following shall have been achieved:

C – Expected Output

D – Objectively Verifiable Indicators

E – Resources Required

F – Estimated Budget

G- Person/s Responsible

H – Time Frame


B – Raise funds to cover costs of producing media kits in the next 6 months

C- Raise at least XYZ PhP by conducting:

C.1 – XYZ dinners – at abc PhP per plate net at least 100 people per dinner

C.2 – XYZ townhall concerts – at abc PhP per plate net at least 100 people per townhall concert

D. – Obj Indicators – Number of plates net; Number of tickets sold – net

E. Resources Required:

Catering Services – xyz Php

Small Function Room/cafe/nook – xyz php

G- Person Responsible – (self-directed volunteers collaborating via social networks)

H – Time Frame – Dec 10 – May 2011


KRA – Briefings/Orientation Seminars –

B – Conduct xyz seminars among xyz volunteers/advocates – with each advocate conducting xyz seminars themselves.

C – Expected Output

Number of people reached by the message

Number of new volunteers/advocates

D – Objectively verifiable indicators – Number of new recruits; media kits issued to new recruits; signatures/contact info of seminar participants

E – Resources Required – media Kit

F – Person Responsible – All advocates at different levels of the “organization” – across uplines/downlines/networks – a matrix organization.

Demographic Targeting

Activities to reach the opinion-shapers will be the focus of Round 1.

The material for the DE segment will be thru AM broadcast media channels – local AM radio – build a community radio network – we buy block time – and replicate/localize radio content. possibly – a local weekly TV program.

Video production done by charter reform advocates – tap the indie film production segment.


Next Steps

Paper is very raw – need to put meat and bones and breath life into the structure -ask for self-directed volunteers who are willing to step up to the challenge.

There are people who share the same objectives of charter change – red team, green team, orange team – need to get them on one team for charter reform. Save the Philippines from the misguided protectionist economic policy of 60/40 embedded in the constitution.

Challenge is getting all of the teams to sit on the table and play… football. πŸ˜‰


The Yellow Nazi says Noynoy’s got pedigree – we charter reform advocates are mongrels – go Azcals!


One comment

  1. I’ll go with c under Organization. The current setup is too divided and we need one apolitical organization to spearhead the drive for Charter Change. We can then sit down with existing organizations with the same goal, align our objectives, create a strategy, raise money, and make one big push.

    Why don’t we start with a Facebook page today? Let’s start making a legit organization from antipinoy readers. After that, let’s setup a paypal account. Funding can be gathered from contributions even from overseas donors. Those who are based locally and can do the leg work can organize the dinners and concerts as already stated above.

    Let’s run a campaign with volunteers. I have seen this in action during the last election, especially for Gordon and Gibo supporters. There’s no reason it should not work this time.

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