Arroyo will become Prime Minister? Ano daw?

The jolog queen of Ellenville rejected constitutional reform on the basis of Arroyophobia – as if Arroyo is the root of all evil in the Philippines (to which moi begs to differ). The resistance was expressed as

I’m not ready to put my guard down. We have seen how Arroyo schemed her way to power and stayed there for nine years without having been elected by the people.

Speaking about putting guards up, how about taking up the recent allegations of electoral fraud using Smartmatic’s machines? Or the death of the cocaine-trafficking Quezon province governor who happened to be the Liberal Party’s treasurer during his time of death? For all you know, Aquino’s win may be another byproduct of the media count – or Oliver North’s diversification even. 🙂

We have seen how she destroyed institutions to suit her interest. She maybe out of Malacañang but her tentacles are still intact. Look at the Supreme Court. Look at Congress.

It takes two to tango. Ika nga, there’s a crime of commission and there’s a crime of omission. Why single out Arroyo, how about including the Provincial/City/Regional Directors/Under-Secretaries of every government line agency who got a share of the loot? These people have received bribes, requested bribes, favors in every shape and form – before, during, and after Arroyo was elected. Who bribed them? Who else but the companies who do business with the Philippine government.

If you think it’s only Arroyo who is milking the Philippine government’s coffers – think again. Look at how much the government is paying to utilities – water, electricity, telecommunication – and what favors are being extended to these utility companies by the government. You are complaining that Arroyo was there for nine years – and yet, you close your eyes on the fact that the Filipino companies have been milking the coffers for DECADES!

How did her son, Mikey, get to represent the tricyle drivers and the security guards?

That’s because the tricycle drivers and security guards want Mikey to represent them.

Inasmuch as you have Walden Bello, Colmenares, Hontiveros – an entire array of landlords and petty bourgois representing the laborers and peasants.

What now – good for the goose but not good for the gander? 😀

Look at the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan and the deal they forged with plunderer retired Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia.

Although both Arroyo and Evardone called for the creation of a Constitutional Convention, probably to make it a little palatable to the people, a source said they may push for Constituent Assembly if they don’t see vehement opposition from the public.

By now, you should know about a fundamental tenet of the criminal justice system and the concept of proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt. In other words – It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.

The onus therefore is on the entire chain of the justice system. The performance failure of the people in the entire chain of the criminal justice system does not rest on Arroyo – it rests on every policeman, judge, prosecutor, investigator, congressman, senator, journalist, citizen with personal knowledge on the matter.

Why aren’t all these people who claim that Arroyo is guilty step out with the information that can pin Arroyo down? It is one thing to speculate in private – it is another thing to falsely accuse Arroyo or another person for that matter, of a wrongdoing that he or she did not commit.

Could it be that these people are making Arroyo as a scapegoat in order to take attention away from their (policeman, judge, prosecutor, investigator, congressman, senator, journalist, citizen) culpability in committing acts of corruption.

It’s a cop-out alibi called Arroyo and comes in many variants:
– Arroyo made me do it
– if she’s doing it, why can’t I
– The boss said, it will earn us points if we do this para sa taas

C’mon now – did Arroyo put a gun against your head and tell you that you will die if you did not do as she told you? It just doesn’t fly.

You, the clerk have the power, the choice to say NO, to refuse, and file a complaint. The same applies to all us who at one time or another got to serve in government or do business with government – we always had the power to say NO. The question is did we? We did not? However the shame of admitting that we sold out, that we copped out is too much to bear – it is more convenient to blame Arroyo.

It was inconvenient to say NO to kapitbahay, kaklase, kaibigan, kapamilya, ka-eskwela because of the consequences of going against the grain. The cultural inertia of pakikisama, utang na loob, palakasan, and bahala na was just too much. But that takes too long to explain – it’s easier to blame it on Arroyo than to admit that we, Filipinos ARE corrupt. It is hard to admit that our leaders our corrupt because we, citizens, are corrupt.

That in our corruption we wanted the easy way out – security for life under the noblesse oblige of the Ayalas, Zobels, Lopezes and Cojuangco – and assured ourselves a path to serfdom – in our own homeland and overseas.

Oh yes. it is so easy to blame Arroyo than to hold ourselves accountable to the fact that WE, Filipinos ratified seriously flawed constitution – one whose 60/40 provisions will fuel the oligarchs into the Global Fortune 500 and which sends at least 10 million Filipinos into harms way. Why have we allowed our neighbors, our friends, our family member to become prostitutes and hostages in foreign lands? Arroyo?

Was it Arroyo who crafted a constitution that contained restrictive 60/40 protectionist policies that left the Philippines uncompetitive? Was it Arroyo who voted the 1987 Constitution into life?

Blaming Arroyo for everything that’s wrong in the Philippines just prolongs the agony of denial. As long as we are in denial that we are the ultimate source of our misery – we will always fall for false messiahs and Rasputins. Self-flagellation, self-immolation? Uh uh Reflection, introspection, meditation, soul-searching, pag-mumuni muni isn’t about hating it’s about nurturing, loving oneself, learning how to be a better person, a better Filipino, a better human being.

Remember several attempts in the past to convene a Constituent Assembly with the Congress voting jointly to overwhelm the Senate which they expect to oppose it? If they succeed in doing that now with Arroyo’s money, there’s a good chance that they would get the approval of the Corona court on the interpretation of the Constitutional provision of “ two-thirds vote” if the issue is brought to the Supreme Court. The next battleground would be the public in a referendum.

I would not want to risk a referendum on charter change. Better stop it NOW.

A referendum on removing the 60/40 provisions is an act of taking our economic choices back into our hands.

A referendum on parliamentary system is an act of wanting more accountable and responsive governance – one that we can kick out when proven incompetent and not up to the task.

A referendum on federalism is an act of empowering the unique traditions and cultures that build national character thru a shared history of diversity.

The biggest risk to our well-being is to keep a flawed constitution that has made the Philippines into the sick man of Asia, a nation of servants, boxers, singers, and retards.


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