Coming Full Circle

It has been more than a year since I started blogging.

Like any other endeavor in my life – blogging has a purpose. In my case, what started as a trivial stab at the pinoy cultural dysfunction, on my free time has taken me on a journey that took a hard look at the news, the politics, the economy – and my life experiences in the Philippines.

And so I come full circle to the question of who really is the Anti-pinoy?

Let’s turn this around – is there really such a distinct biological species thing as a “Filipino” or is the word a “social construct” of a biological entity called homo sapiens sapiens who happens find himself in the 7,200 Philippine islands?

I recall that in 1883, Friedrich Nietzsche published a book called Also Sprach Zarathustra in which he elaborated his ethical ideal, the Übermensch – a person who rejected the norms of society, living by his own moral code. The name came from the concept about ordinary humanity believing there would be no morals or reasons to live if there was no Other to define morality and reason. Transcending this illusion makes one an “over-man”

The question then is the anti-pinoy in reality – the Filipino as Übermensch?

Should one’s individual personality be defined by a vague amorphous definition of a “Filipino”? Is there even a value to fit the mold of the typical “Filipino”? What is the definition of a “Filpino”? Does it even matter to one purpose in life? Is your happiness defined by being as “Filipino” or advocating for an idealized “Filipino”?

Or is it about – improving one’s lot in life in the pursuit of personal happiness under the rule of law, economic freedom, and personal liberty? Does one necessarily have to be “Filipino” in order to find purpose in life?

I say that there’s more to life than being “Filipino”.

– Above all – more than being “Filipino” – the buck starts and stops with the individual – know thyself, learn to love thyself, and bring out the best in you.

When all are striving to be their best selves – Do you think we’ll have a crappy society? That makes too much sense to the Filipino – and is too much to ask from Juan de la Cruz.

What the pinoy wants is to have the “best government” as one that takes care of him from cradle to grave, with free lunch, and absolves him/her from any wrongdoing. The Filipino masses are averse to competition. They would rather take comfort in serfdom to the local oligarchy rather than step up and become free men. They would rather have patrons who dispense condoms, hospitalizations, concerts, sardines, trips – at the expense of someone else other than us.

The Filipino masses would rather go overseas and live the life of slave (to escape the life of a slave in the Philippines) – than open up the economy and be an active participant in a new world order – one that is transcended by nationality or ideology – the global economy, the global supply chain – while strengthening the local economy through sound market-driven fundamentals.

The Filipino has yet to learn the value of taking care of oneself because he has been made to believe that his only purpose in life is to become “a man for others”.

In doing so – the Filipino has lost the sense that before he can become a “man for others” – he must first become a man – a thinking individual who is fully aware of himself, his individuality, that before defining “others” – he must first define himself. What has been lost in translation is that the Filipino defines himself in terms of others, of his family, of his society – and not on his own terms. In doing so, the Filipino kills himself – his individuality – during the daily grind – trying so hard to conform to a dysfunctional society.

The Filipinos asked for it – they got it – keep on eating pagpag; watching wowowee; being ass wipes, helpers, drug mules, commercial sex workers. Tough luck – lovers of the welfare state will be eating craposis till kingdom come. Am not in the business of helping people who don’t want to help themselves.

Till such time my countrymen wake up from their stupor – there’s more to life than writing about morons. I am so out of the Philippines – and have no regrets – perhaps that I should have left the Philippines earlier and enjoy life where ever the road takes me – or where I choose to create a road, a path, a trail. To hew a path not for anyone else – but because it brings personal joy and happiness.

Au revoir, sayonara, hasta la vista bitches. To life writ large – it’s good to be back.


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