Nobody Loses in the Philippines – They Just Get “Cheated”

MANNY PACQUIAO LOST TO BRADLEY. Was it the number of congressman who flew to Vegas who jinxed the match? Was it the lack of focus and preparation by Manny? Was it because Bradley was inspired by Jessica Sanchez singing Uncle Sam’s anthem?

Frankly, I don’t give a fuck.

As far as am concerned, it’s one more pin to prick the bubble of Pinoy Pride with.

And before the onslaught about cheating and the Vegas mafia begins – let me say this:

If the Vegas Mafia made Bradley win… what makes Pinoys think – that Pacquiao won without the Mafia’s blessing?

Esep Esep :))))

Oh and by the way, a Pacquiao win does not make too much money, but a rematch does.

In your face bitches!


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