The Shift Is On

The year 2016 was a year marked by a fundamental change and a shift in beliefs and perceptions for me.

My journey has taken me on different paths, nooks and crannies in search of answers to myriad questions. The core question was what’s going on and what can I do about it.

After stumbling and rising, lots of false starts, falling and rising again it all came to a head in December 2015. Starting with an intensive process of learning, reading, following the crumbs that began in  September 2015, I finally climbed the proverbial mountain. I certainly wasn’t sleeping on a bed of roses but it was better, the feeling that everything finally made sense and I was home.

Even as there were wars and rumors of wars, and people were still immersed in the old world of separation, entropy and duality aka the Newtonian mindset, I was entering the uncharted territory of the quantum consciousness lifestyle.

This consciousness shift entailed rethinking everything I was taught to be true and wrapping my head around the possibility that everything we taught to be true about society, about humanity, about ourselves is one big lie.


This shift entailed giving up those beliefs that no longer resonated with the new thinking. This also laid down the challenge of refocusing my attention to what was “wrong”, zeroing in instead on root causes and sharing my piece of the puzzle, and applying the rediscovery of ancient knowledge to hasten the awakening in my neck of the woods.


I know this message will not resonate with a large number of Filipinos as most are still neck deep in mind control – the illusion of separation, flocking from one false messiah to another, having their consciousness hijacked by the lamestream media and its talking heads.

On the upside, there are more Filipinos joining the awakening online community to exchange and share information – to you all, Namaste. The shift is on, the time to shift is now. thank you for all that you do. You are not alone, never was, and never will be.


With the entry of 2017, I have decided to eliminate waste and utilize what’s available for free to the max.

This meant terminating the premium web hosting services and  using domain forwarding instead.In the process, that’s less taxes I have to pay – and less money spent while delivering the message of oneness continuously. This also reflects my choice to put my attention to living in the new earth, every waking moment – without having to worry that the site will be down because I forgot to pay the hosting provider.



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  1. Zhurutangh · ·

    i-ma-migrate mo rin ba yung mga dati mong post sa old site mo papunta dito sa bago?

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