The #Philippines Government is Not Your Friend

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Philippine government is not your friend, your tatay, or nanay for that matter. It is a predator, a virus of the mind that pretends to be your friend.

The modus operandi of the state boils down to putting you in a state of fear – and then taking more of your money and liberties away.

Here are the different instances where you have been played – and this is just the tip of the iceberg,

  • It scares you about China taking over the Spratleys – then goes to China to get a loan for weaponry and infrastructure. Then it presents itself as  a savior. Guess what, China isn’t giving away all that stuff for free. It’s a loan – and you, will be paying the bill for quite a long time.
  • It keeps the jobs out to protect its ultra-nationalist cronies. You end up going overseas to get better paying jobs. Then it slaps you with a hefty 12% tax- after depriving you of good paying jobs. And that’s not counting the many fees you have to pay for NBI clearance, POEA fees, airport fees, NSO fees and all that jazz. Meanwhile, your remittances are milked to the last drop with expensive lousy services of the protected crony firms.
  • It keeps a medicinal herb illegal while cancer causing cigarettes and alcohol are legal. And this very moment, it wants to put you to death for smoking a healing plant. As of writing, the government has killed 7,000 peaceful people – more people dead than of any illegal drug-related overdose or a mentally disturbed person who happened to take stimulants.
  • Its punishment for cops involved in robbery and extortion is a theatrical act of push-ups and tongue lashings. Meanwhile people who peacefully took their substance of choice are dead – and their families have lost breadwinners and loved ones.

You are hesitant to take this government down because you know that whatever government is going to replace the current one will still be made up of the same families that have preyed on the Filipino people.

However, there is another solution – and this is a solution that will challenge everything you have been taught in school, by your family, the media, and your community.

The solution is freedom – not a classless society, but a stateless society. Anarchy does not mean lack of rules – it simply means, no rulers.

Your school didn’t teach you that Iceland had 300 years of anarchy during a time when the rest of Europe was bowing to kings and queens. Or that Somalia’s quality of life, without a state, is at par with its neighbors in sub-Saharan Africa that has governments.

We have already tried different leaders in the helm of government as we know it – and the results have always been the same. We are stuck in a loop of bloated bureaucracies, regulations that favor the few and hurt the many and we are all paying for this insanity. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that caused the problem.

Government is all about mind control – controlling what you can and cannot do and preserving a social order which does not work, has never worked, and will never work for us – the ones who are paying for their salaries.

We got to this point because we consented to it. We can get out of this morass by withdrawing our consent and learning to work with each other and accept our differences without resorting to violence and coercion. You see, if all you have left is violence then it means you have already lost the argument.

A brilliant idea will stand on its merit and does not have to be forced on people. No one forced you to get a phone or use a light bulb. You used it because it made sense and was convenient for you.

Politicians and governments have never created anything of value on this planet. Anything that you use to make your life convenient and worth living was made by scientists, inventors, musicians, artists, writers – not a predator state.

There is a way out of this shithole we are in – and the answer lies in each and everyone of us, reclaim our sovereign power that was delegated to this farcical representative democrazy. But first we must first recognize that we have been enslaved, for with that recognition then we can start taking steps to work with each other and free ourselves

Withdraw consent to be governed, stop paying taxes, refuse to obey and let us stand up for our loved ones, our neighbors, each other, and ourselves. We can win this war and liberate ourselves from our enslavement.

The government is not our friend and will never be our friend. Our true friend is that person staring at you in the mirror who just wants you to be happy, prosperous, abundant and at peace inside and outside.

The question is are you ready to be a friend to yourself?


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