Coercion vs Persuasion and the Drug War

The spike of killings in the Philippines says a lot on the idea of a drug war – it sucks real bad.

People take drugs for various reasons.

  • To relax.
  • To experiment with their consciousness.
  • To cope with stress.
  • To increase stamina.
  • To remove shyness.
  • To expand awareness.

Anything taken to excess yields undesirable results – whether it is drugs, water, food, or oxygen. Take too much water and you drown. Take too much drugs and you can damage your health.

The key lies in moderation. And human beings have different physiological thresholds. What’s too high for one, maybe too little for another. What’s clear however is that individuals have the ability to set their own limits commensurate to what their bodies and minds can handle.

And it is for this reason that the decision to use drugs should be left to individuals – and not to the state.

If you don’t like drugs, then don’t use it.

However, do not kill other people who prefer to use it instead of using the alcohol and cigarettes made by government cronies.


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