Drug War is a War on Consciousness

By the looks of it more people have died from the drug war than the actual use of illegal drugs.

Why is the state so intent on suppressing “illegal” drugs?

The core issue isn’t about protecting people from the “harm” caused by weed, or shabu, or coke.

Poverty isn’t caused by the use of drugs. Poverty is caused by predatorial and parasitic economic regulations that benefit the few at the expense of the many. 

Murders happen not because someone smoked a plant or a crystalline substance. 

Murders happen when the state kills peaceful nonviolent people who defy the psychopaths who believe they have a right to tell others what they can and cannot do.
When more people who try psychotropic substances discover that they haven’t gone insane, or gone out on a murderous rampage, they invalidate the state’s proposition that drugs are harmful. 

The psycopathic state  then twists the acceptance and calls it an epidemic. 

Psychotropic substances are a threat to the state as usage will lead to altered states of consciousness. 

People discover alternatives to a parasitic and predatorial state that lives off of their lives – their minds expand. Instead of accepting the false realities presented by crony media, people learn to explore the expansiveness of their consciousness. They start thinking of new ways of living life, of having fun without the need for the addiction to crony media’s fear and war mongering. People start seeing thru the veil which has been pulled over their eyes.People start questioning all they have ever been taught and begin deprogramming themselves as they sift through the lies rammed down their throats since they were born. 

Most of all, people start feeling good about themselves once again and feel empowered to pursue solutions that don’t need the presence of a parasitic class of people who make money out of people’s fears.
And that’s a clear and present danger to a psycopathic state when the consciousness of people is awakened from the deep slumber of fear programming.

The drug war has never been about protecting people, it’s all about keeping people in fear and dependence on the state for their well-being. 


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