Federalism is Useless

Federalism is a political solution to an economic problem.

There is no point in a federation of states where people are subjected to the same protectionist bullshit.

Think about it, you have different regions which are converted to states but are still bound by the protectionist 60/40. 

Will you have different outcomes by following the same economic policies that favor the state-protected oligarchs?
The answer is an outright NO!

So what’s the federalism crap all about? It’s another rabbit hole to make people believe that the state is doing something. 

In other words it’s another political circus that will entail wasting people’s money on useless conferences and consultations – more smokes and mirrors propagated by a crony media that keeps people in mental slavery, tax slavery, and oligarch enslavement.
The solution isn’t political reorganization.

The  solution is absolute economic freedom and total freedom from the state.

Until people figure that out, they will be in for more carnivals and circuses that don’t deliver shit.


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