I Don’t Believe in Borders

I don’t believe in borders,  countries, nationalism,and governments. These are but artificial social constructs that separate humans from one another. This illusion pits humans against one another leading to the loss of lives, limbs, properties, and freedoms.

The war mongering on both sides of the Chinese and Filipinos does not benefit anyone at all except the military industrial complex of the parties involved. In turn, the profits that are generated from the sale of weapons and ammunition will just go to the banks, all paid for by individuals.

The better approach is to understand we are all humans and that this planet is for all of us to share, nurture, and enjoy. It does not make sense to be killing each other for a few loaves of bread at a greater cost paid for by humanity’s enslavement to a tiny minority.

With nurturing, the seas can bloom once again instead of becoming a battlefield.

With sharing everone benefits in the abundance of the ocean.

With self sovereignty, each individual no longer has to be enslaved to the tyranny of a few.

With a different outlook, there will be  no need for governments and their armies paid for by everyone. There will also be no more room for a fear  and war mongering media as people tune in to their hearts and let love reign instead.

Surely if we love our fellow human as we love ourself, we will not kill or hurt anyone . Instead we share and help them enjoy the abundance of this planet we all live in.


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