Is China A Threat to Asia?

Nationalist Filipinos are in a frenzy on China’s recent moves in the South China Sea oblivious to the fact of another power that has already occupied other countries through stealthy means.

How many countries in Asia are playgrounds for regime change when they pursue an independent path? Which power anoints the defacto regimes which plague the banana republics of ASEAN? China?

Which country has not ratified the UNCLOS treaty but insists that others should follow the treaty? China?










The South China Sea issue is fraught with landmines and layers that need peeling off. Here are some things to ask or think about:

Could it be that the regional issue is being played up in order to distract attention from the domestic failures of the various governments?





Could it be that these regional issues are being used in order to justify the creation of a world government to due to the staged failure of national governments to address the issue in a bilateral manner?




Filipinos wonder why there is no ASEAN joint statement on the South China Sea issue. Actually, the lack of a statement IS a statement.

There is more to the South China Sea issue than Filipinos are being told.


Welcome to the rabbit hole folks.


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