Japanese Investors Aren’t Dutertards

​Hello.. The Japanese left Davao City while Digong was mayor. What makes you think the Japanese will return  now that Digong is president?

When Fukushima happened, the Japanese had the option of investing in the Philippines, but did they? No, they did not and instead chose to go to Thailand for a whole lot of reasons – cost of electricity, better equity ownership in contrast to the Philippines bullshit 60/40.

Investors put their money based on viability not because of Digongs invitation.

Note further that the sort of investments that will come in will have to go into a joint venture with oligarchs who will put up the 60% equity counterpart to the 40% equity of the Japanese.

What the Japanese will do is put their money in an ASEAN country without the 60/40 and then sell to the Philippine market by of the ASEAN  harmonized regime.

Japanese investors aren’t Dutertards, just saying.


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