#SONA 2016 – More Cronyism and A Return to 1972

There is a need to challenge the President’s understanding of the country’s ills because a flawed perception leads to erroneous solutions. It is necessary therefore to dissect the propositions of the President and those who brief him, and come to my own conclusion.

It is not that justice had become illusory, rather state justice IS illusory. The speed of cases processed in court is due to the huge number of laws that turn peaceful non-violent  victim-less actions into crimes.

Ask yourself this, if coffee and coffee drinking was made illegal what is the corresponding increase in court cases due to illegal possession of coffee and paraphernalia (coffee cups).

Meanwhile, government theft (taxation) of your income  goes stealthily. A belief in a flawed socialist mindset is not courage, it is foolishness.

The separation of the church and the state is a misnomer as the state itself is a church, a cult, a religion. The state is not god. God is the consciousness that drives each and every sentient creature on this planet. The state attempts to replace God as the source of all abundance and wealth on this planet.

The Drug War Farce

The fight against illegal drugs is a farce. By making drugs illegal, the state artificially reduced supply, therefore increasing prices. The increase in prices only benefits the drug cartels. In other words, the state protects the drug cartels. It also benefits the prison industrial complex – the civilian contractors who benefit from prison  construction, prison supplies, and prison human services. All of these financed by unwitting people.


The police is also another living fossil of state security services. Another example of inefficient useless centralized state agency that does not protect lives of people – but instead harms people under the guise of law and national security.

The drug issue has been the anchor issue of the President’s populist campaign. It is manned by a full court press propaganda machinery that demonizes drug use even as the rest of the world has learned from its experiences and have opted for decriminalization.

An interagency committee is an additional expense and layer of bureaucracy – more money for the prison industrial complex.

Using reservists to wage a disinformation campaign against drug use is disingenuous as reservists are brainwashed into limiting the flexibility of their consciousness to assimilate and integrate new perspectives, new ways of living which challenge the cultural programming.

The use of military camps for rehabilitation is another  example of state coercion. Moreover, the involvement of the military in a domestic issue which is best handled by the civilian justice system indicates a de facto martial law.


The Security State

“The President believes that security is the linchpin of  development. The experience of Davao disproves such a belief. During the President’s first term as Davao mayor, the “”security”” approach was applied. This did not lead to any development and in fact scared development from moving into a dangerous area.

The only way development came in was by reducing government intervention in business – tax exemptions, exemptions from permits and fees, and streamlined registration processes. Widening the areas that have reduced government interference allowed businesses to create jobs, hire people, make and sell products – an entire chain of activities with that kept more wealth in the people’s wallets.”

The Philippine welfare state continues to violate the economic rights of citizens and cause poverty – while positioning itself as a solution to poverty. In a manner of saying the state is the solution, or to be accurate get the state out of the way and people will rise out of being over-regulated, overtaxed, and marginalized.

The perverted law cannot be used as a shield or an excuse to the destroy the lives of the people – the source of sovereignty.

The Globalist Face of the Philippine State

Managed Chaos – Manufactured Security threats, false flags

We need to ask more questions into these internal security threats. Who really benefits from the presence of violent extremist fundamentalist elements? Definitely, not the people.Who then? How about a crony defense industrial complex of weapons suppliers that include globalist firms which benefit from both sides of the conflict?

ISIS spilling into the Philippines? And who exactly funded ISIS? The very same guy who is selling you the boats and weapons so you can be secure from ISIS!

Internal security threats have become part of the state’s arsenal of false flags that aim to keep citizens in continuous chaos. It distracts from the reality that the state is the terrorist, thug, and thief rolled into one.

Use of Fear of Disaster

The President’s pursuit of the global warming farce is an indicator that despite projecting a nationalist face, his office is actually implementing a transnational agenda. An agenda hatched by an in-elected and in-accountable   crony complex of firms that come up with dubious research in order to justify more regulations that take away people’s money and reduce their freedom is in alignment with the globalist agenda.

The Illusion of Separation

The notion of national borders just doesn’t make sense in a quantum world. Quantum entanglement does not recognize national borders. It is time to move past the Newtonian classical model.


In a quantum-driven society, there is no West Philippine Sea or a South China Sea, there is only a sea where any person on the planet can live. Government passports, visa, immigration laws, borders and the monstrous bureaucracies – will be extinct. The notion of countries pitting against each other in a unified field of wealth and consciousness does not make sense at all.

Controlled Chaos

The state’s very reason for its existence is not to create peace but to sustain a constant tension – conflict, war, disasters, terrorism, drugs, poverty. This state of tension streams at high velocity so that people are overloaded with information and the state then provides itself as a solution to the constant tension it itself created, planned, and executed.

The Bangsamoro ought to learn from the BREXIT – the British exit from the EU.

A state with bloody hands does not have the moral credibility to speak not wanting the peace of the dead.

Cold blooded murder of another sentient being because of non-alignment with the state’s perverted law takes a lot of hate. Pulling the trigger takes a lot of hate.


The population control laws is another globalist agenda. The Philippine fertility rate has been continuously declining – whether there was an RH Law or not. Economic opportunities provide people with the economic canvas on which to paint their dreams not a state run eugenics program.

The Fraud of Cronyism and Protectionism

How exactly will competitiveness be ensured when the ecosystem is full of restrictions – specifically the 60/40 constitutional provision which has embedded cronyism in the nation’s economic fabric.

Crippling the Philippine Economy’s Supply Chain

Why should “not made from here” retailers, producers, job creators be prevented access to Filipinos? Then Filipinos have to go overseas for these opportunities – and then taxed by the state for the purpose of  “OFW services”, after the state prevented these same opportunities accessible to all Filipinos.


The small and medium Filipino enterprises are brainwashed to fear foreign suppliers instead of tapping the abundance of a connected world. If a foreign supplier provides more value to a Filipino company why should such transaction be prevented unless the foreign supplier partners with a Filipino entity based on 60/40 structure where the Filipino holds majority shares.

In consenting to this regulation, the Filipino SMEs have deprived themselves of leveraging the competitiveness of their extended supply chain – which can span the globe. Filipinos lose on the opportunity to make more with less. Under the right circumstances, the Filipino SME expands by having access to quality products and services at lower cost than the state protected cronies supply chain.

Massive State Intervention Already Tried in Marcos Era

The best advocate of entrepreneurship is a free market.  Employment is present where there are entrepreneurs. Where there are no entrepreneurs, all you have are inefficient state bureaucracies.

The core issue is not the process of the various government agencies but the necessity for such processes and agencies. In other words, separation of the state and the economy – or the existence of the state itself.

GFIs only benefit the state agencies bureaucracy – not the entrepreneurs. What ends up happening is that taxes taken from other entrepreneurs are used in financing schemes that benefit cronypreneurs.

Construction of more access roads will be awarded to cronypreneurs.

Road development projects will be awarded to cronypreneurs.

The nationwide soil analysis only benefits rice cronypreneurs. That same information is already available from commercial satellite imagery services and the rice industry should spend for these themselves.

Infrastructure spending by government is one of the largest sources of waste and corruption. State planning of logistics infrastructure only ends with cost over-runs, contracts and locations that favor cronies at the Filipinos expense. Without the government protectionist regulations, private enterprises from all over the world can easily deliver all the infrastructure, lower than the cost of the Philippine government, excellent quality, in shorter time, and with diverse options that are tailored to every destination.

The state has operated pumping stations and ferry services for some time now, but is unable to meet the needs to mitigate flooding and traffic congestion. Free of government regulations, the world can deliver more with less – without any need for emergency powers.

While a federal system alleviates from a unitary system – it is still does not reach the goal of abolishing the need for government as we know it. The appeal for federalism is to allow more localized decision making. Why limit the decision making to collective bodies? Why not leave the decision to each person who has to deal with his choices. Leaving decision making to the hands of a few politicians who end up screwing everyone else time and again is an unnecessary exercise.

The fastest processing time for permits, clearances,  and licenses is to abolish the practice all the way – zero processing time. The money  that would be spent on bureaucrats is left in people’s wallets. Learn from the lesson of Somalia which has more telephone providers than the Philippines.

Operating a corruption hotline that reports on government officials is unnecessary when these agencies are abolished along with the regulations these agencies are currently enforcing.

While getting the LTO out of the license plate business is commendable, the alternative is for the cronies to take over and make more money for the LTO or the DTO or any agency that will receive the government fees collected from the private car dealers.  The better alternative is to eliminate the state from regulating, selling, buying, and issuing license plates – and leave the job not just to dealers to any private association firm and in a manner similar to the internet addressing system where providers are allocated a chunk of numbers that are issued to car owners.
The bigger issue when it relates to cars however is the taxation that comes with private cars – 100%.

Reduction of the long queuing time at ticketing stations and moving the process to cronypreneurs is commendable but does it really matter if you have a ticket but the train is late, congested, unmaintained, and expensive. In this process, the government and cronypreneurs increase the expense of consumers. The lack of economic competition means the malls, stalls, and stores will charge higher rates due to the overhead of government fees. There is also a hidden cost in the form of subsidies paid by taxpayers who do not use the state run trains.

Such a move does not address the strategic issue of supply – the supply of trains and alternative infrastructure modalities from other parts of the planet due to the constitutional restrictions and regulations.

Waste management is also one area hobbled by state intervention as regulations that benefit the old technology of cronies are retained in favor of more affordable emerging technologies.  State response to technology is very slow. But when it comes to their salary increases and pork barrel – mabilis pa sa alas kwatro.

Working hard at the things that do not deliver value – except to cronypreneurs and the state criminal enterprises using the name of the people, is not commendable.

Perversion of the Law

Remember that legality is not the measure of a law – rather, the morality of such a law. After all state sponsored murders and massacres are legal.

Addressing the backlogs misses addressing the root cause of the backlog – perverted laws that criminalize a peaceful nonviolent act and turn it into a heinous crime thereby introducing a massive surge in an already more than full to capacity of the courts to address these cases.

The biggest ruse however is to equate drug use with violent criminal activity. Drug users actually stay away from the public when having a buzz. It is an intimate activity involving an exploration of the mind and consciousness. What the state aims to prevent is for people awakening to alternative behavior.

For instance, Portugal has reduced drug addiction by 50% – through decriminalization. The US has spent trillions of dollars, changed more regimes, killed more civilians than the current President of the Philippines can muster. The outcomes between the US-style policy of the current PoTP to reduce drug addiction are glaring. Despite trillions in spending, the drug addiction rate of the US has not budged since the beginning of Nixon’s War on Drugs.”

Hijacking of People’s Consciousness

“The notion of putting country first has put the lives of persons last. People have been misled to think that this artificial social construct called “”country”” is more important than the lives of the different persons who by accident of birth were grouped under this container with the label “”Philippines””.  Government standards are obstacles to growth. People are misled in thinking that the standard is okay and cease to make improvements. People are misled in thinking that the standard is okay and cease to make improvements. The flow of growth and innovation is stymied when standards are legislated and  holds the future hostage to  today’s useless standard.

Taxation is theft. People don’t pay taxes – taxes are taken away by the state from people. There is no difference between a hold-upper threatening you with a gun or a hold-upper threatening to jail you, kill you, penalize you, or forfeit your property.


A Return of State Propaganda

Passing another law that creates another state agency that is “financially viable” means taxpayers will pay for this state broadcasting agency that provide content people don’t need. A Radyo ng Bayan is a propaganda platform that doesn’t serve content needed by people – but content that the state has determined is needed by the people.  Note that the state isn’t the people.  Let’s call it what this state broadcasting really is – Philippines Brainwashing Corporation.

A state run broadcasting agency was already tried during the Marcos era. It only ended up being a run-down outfit that wasted tax money on content that people barely watch. A state run broadcast has only one agenda – the state. A free and open broadcast environment will provide an entire range of programs serving diverse information required by the customers.

The constitutional ban on foreign ownership of mass media pretty much says it all why there is no “editorial independence through innovative programs [applause] and intelligent treatment and analysis of news reports, as well as developments of national and international significance.”

The “bona fide media” aka mainstream mass media is a tool of state propaganda, a partner for change to the worse. Any content which is critical of the state is “not bonafide” and is discriminated against.

Instead of opening the mass media to allow foreign ownership, the state aims to provide more rubbish to the mental garbage heaped by its crony media on the already numbed minds of the Filipino audience.

Eradicating the culture of fear and silence boils down to one thing – the less state intervention in every action the less fear and the more peaceful it becomes.

Correcting a historical injustice of an imperialist policy by perpetuating imperialist laws does not make sense. Federalism does not provide the Moros true independence from the national government. Independence means complete separation from the colonial Philippine state.

The issuance of passports by the state is also another mockery of the freedom of people to move and go wherever they want.

Off the Mark on OFW Issue

The overseas issue is really simple to solve.  The fundamental issue is why do Filipinos have to go overseas to find jobs? Was this due to the drug problem, the insurgency, the secession? The glaring answer is NO. Consolidating and merging agencies does not solve the problem of the lack of good paying jobs in the Philippines.

And why is there a lack of good paying jobs in the Philippines? Because the good jobs are limited to the crony companies who make a hefty profit from the protectionist regulations. With good paying jobs, Filipinos wouldn’t even think of leaving the Philippines. People would rather enjoy the company of their families and familiar surroundings than be stuck in a foreign land.

The solution therefore is not to streamline the OFW “services”, the solution is to open the economy so Filipinos can find good paying jobs locally, thus eliminating the need to line up and put up with the bureaucratic mess – and line up for job interviews instead.

The NBI clearance is another wasteful regulation that slows down the ability of people to look for jobs as they have to line up and get clearances instead of using the time for job interviews – and therefore get to work faster.


Crony Control of Energy

Electricity in relocation sites wouldn’t be much of an issue if the market were opened up to other providers from around the world – who are willing to provide off-grid and free energy technology solutions. State cronyist regulations are very much the culprit for reducing the supply of electricity. The answer does not lie in appealing to the CSR of Meralco, the answer is opening the energy market to competition. Even if you don’t own the land, scalable off-grid solutions offer a way to have light in everyone’s household – as has been done in different parts of the world.

The squatter situation boils down to the ability of people to afford a residence.  A cronyist state only prevents people from prospering and be able to afford houses. The state also prevents developers from around the world to come in and serve the unmet needs of Filipinos. Expropriaton is theft writ large. This is an outright land grab by the state of someone else property.

It is good that there is a pushback on energy emissions as this is another ploy of the global elite to restrict the growth and development of developing nations. The fraud known as Climategate was not given coverage in the local media. Later on, Climategate 2.0 revealed that (1) prominent scientists central to the global warming debate are taking measures to conceal rather than disseminate underlying data and discussions; (2) these scientists view global warming as a political “cause” rather than a balanced scientific inquiry and (3) many of these scientists frankly admit to each other that much of the science is weak and dependent on deliberate manipulation of facts and data.

When the state decides which technologies are to be used, it only ends up with cronies cornering the deal. That the DENR has a secretary that comes from a family that monopolizes the energy industry already alerts the clued-in on how this zarzuela works. The DENR prevents emerging technologies and the DOE expands the market capture by cronies such as Meralco.

Resurrecting the Philippine Welfare State

It is quite ironic that the primary driver of poverty – the state and its protectionist regulations will now attempt to make a dent in the country’s poverty levels. People are quite resilient – it is the welfare state that keeps people in stagnation in order to justify the existence of its bureaucratic mess. People would rather work, pay for their rice instead of waiting, applying, lining up for a subsidy. In other words how can people stand up on their own two feet when the state’s boot is on their backs.

The products of the state  educational system continue to churn out graduates beholden to the state and with minds dazed by government brainwashing. Evey product of the state believes that problems are solved by passing another law, or asking for crumbs from a politician supported by the crony elite. What use is an “education” that dumbs people down to functional literacy bereft of critical thinking?

Universal health insurance is a failed socialist model for health care delivery.  The reason for the failure has to do with a congenital deficiency in knowledge to the inability of government to assume entrepreneurial risk, and to other relevant factors as well (political incentives and bureaucratic inertia, for example). State-run hospitals are dens of corruption that only benefit the crony big pharmaceuticals. “Free” medicines are still sold to patients – on top of the tab already picked up by taxpayers who have not availed or do not avail of the state hospitals at all.

Expecting New Outcomes from the Same Old Approaches

In 1972, there were allegedly 20,000 drug users in the country. In 2004 it had ballooned to 6.7 million. In other words, despite the killings, the incarceration – the use is becoming widespread. And killing some more and jailing some more will not reduce drug use.


The approach of the President ignores the realities and experiences of a failed drug policy. Where Portugal has decreased drug addiction by 50% thru decriminalization, the President expects new results from the same prohibition policies.

The artificial scarcity of the substance increases the price and it becomes a tempting source of revenue for people in poverty. These same people end up being recruited by drug cartels which have “insiders” in the state. This phenomenon is not new, it happened during the US Alcohol Prohibition era in 1912. The end game was the legalization of Alcohol distribution.


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