Unplug from the Fear-based #Philippines Matrix

Now that people are seeing through the attempts of mass media to paint a false narrative, more people are getting their information from the Internet. TV and newspapers have decreasing readership and have followed people into the Internet.  The beauty is that this time around, we the people, have the power to shut them out of our consciousness and counter the media fear mongering. Here are some tips on how to kick these hijackers of consciousness out of your mind.

I’ll start off with a social media which is essentially an online surveillance tool of the state – Facebook.

Instead of showing pictures of yourself, your lifestyle, your friends – and make it easier for intelligence agencies to profile you – wage a campaign for peace and enlightened consciousness instead.

1 – Clean up your news feeds of negativity

Remove feeds of anyone who:


1) Promotes any candidate for a government position.


2) Promotes passing more laws.


3) Shares articles from mainstream media (which is nothing but a government propaganda and brainwashing platform.

4) Promotes war and violence.


They can still be your FB friends but, their posts will no longer be on your news feed.


2 – Retain positive feeds

Retain those who post:


1) Stuff that raises the vibration of people


2) Stuff that wakens people to the truth


3) Stuff that empowers INDIVIDUALS (not the state)


4) Stuff that informs/educates people about the SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS


3 – Focus your energy on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

In other words, we already know what’s wrong. Try not to get involved in trivial arguments that drain your energy and vibration and follow those who raise yours!

Let’s focus on:


1) Building the NEW EARTH


2) Spread ideas and solutions that don’t need any government or state intervention at all


Focus our energy on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and change the world.


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