Why the #Davao Coastal Road Project is a Bad Idea

This Davao Coastal Road Project is going to become our local version of Standing Rock.

Many houses, fishing grounds, small business owners and beach resorts will be hit.
Whoever came up with the plan should have consulted ALL property owners and affected communities before coming up with a plan – not AFTER the fact.
We cannot take this sitting down and let this challenge divide us.
The few should not be sacrificed for the many – because ultimately, ALL of us will have to pay.
This road project is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen.
It will destroy the fishing grounds, it will disrupt the estuarine environment which is a breeding ground of fishes and it will destroy the livelihood of many communities, fishermen, subdivision residents, beach resorts, small business owners, tricycle drivers, and jeepney drivers – an entire economic ecosystem.
With the recent earthquakes and the discovery of the Surigao-Mati fault line, a strong earthquake can take the bridge style road project down, as it has the potential to buckle down and cause a tsunami that can cause damage to a large part of the city.
Most of all we end up depriving present and future generations of Davaoenos with the magnificent view of Davao Gulf and access to the beaches.
I agree that we need to decongest our roads. And we need to take this challenge in a holistic manner befitting a city of the 21st century.
We need to rethink this project – and instead consider the possibility of sea based transportation systems which are less disruptive to the environment, decongests traffic, creates new jobs and industries, generates more tourism revenue, and works for ALL without mortgaging our incomes and future generations to pay off interest for a loan that only benefit road developers and bankers.

To get an idea of a sea based transportation system, click here.



  1. Anonymous · ·

    Stupid post!

  2. Anonymous · ·

    So much ignorance in this post.

  3. are you from calokohan?

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