Turn off your Tell-a-lie-vision (TV) #Philippines

Do you know that every time you watch a TV show or a movie that’s full of violence and hate your body generates cortisol?

The frontal lobe of your brain does not distinguish between a movie/TV show or “reality as you know it”. To your frontal lobe, the experience is real.

When your body generates cortisol, fat is generated to store more energy for fight or flight.

So when you watch TV/movies/games – it’s a triple whammy – you get fat, you lose the opportunity to burn calories, and you set yourself up for illness and disease. 

What makes it worse is your body is hijacked without you knowing it because the images you watch will be imprinted in your energy system which is then transmitted to the earth’s ley lines, and you unconsciously create the reality you’ve been watching. In plain and simple terms, your body and mind has been snatched and you had no fucking clue.

Once you get sick, your social conditioning makes you reach out for “medications” aka poison made by big pharmaceuticals. You pay for it with a piece of paper made from thin air aka “money”. 

Once you imbibe the poison, you get hit by the side effects, which makes you expand the number of medications you are taking,  and you will need more pieces of paper printed from thin air to pay the hospitals and physicians who have all sold out to big pharmaceuticals.

 And when you can’t afford the poison anymore, you vote for thugs who will give you “free health care” – all taken from you via taxation aka legalized theft. As you walk in rallies and voice your support for criminal politicians, you are stepping closer to your death bed, blaming God for your misery. Well, in a sense you are right because you are god and you made this reality happen for you. However, you are a god with amnesia, a rudderless boat left to the vagary of the dark winds of media and social programming. 

You had an opportunity to enjoy nature and reconnect with yourself. But you just had to choose  artificial intelligence aka TV.

The good news is it takes lots of people to shape the source field because fear, hate, guilt, anxiety, stress are such low vibrations. The occult  forces that are behind TV and movies know this and they are panicking as more humans unplug their TV and choose to program themselves via YouTube, Vimeo and all community generated content.

The question therefore is, when are you going to wake up? When you are about to take your last breath and leave this magnificent experience called life realizing you existed but never lived?

Turn the TV off and reclaim your consciousness.


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