The Drug Problem Myth

The only thing destructive about drugs  is you go to jail, if not killed by the state

You live in a society where your food is poisoned,  your mind is brainwashed,  the state tells you what you can and cannot do with your life – that’s an addiction to the lies of the state, and totally destructive of human life.

The term addiction is just a disparaging remark for people who don’t want to be party to the lies of social conditioning and programming that turns people into slaves of the state and its cronies.

“Rehabilitation” is a scam which pulls people back into conformity of an enslaved society, and prevents their capacity to experiment with their consciousness and evolve further than humans who are trapped in a fabricated reality.

People often speak about the user breaking the hearts of people who “love” the user.

This “love” they speak of is conditional love.

 It breaks their heart that people no longer want to conform to the social conditioning and lies pervading in an enslaved society. It’s a guilt ridden vibration,  very low in frequency and has no place in the higher dimensions of consciousness where everything exists as energy.


The world you live in today is already hell.

Your food is poisoned,

Your work is stolen from you in broad daylight – it’s called taxation.

 Your schools are nothing but indoctrination centers that train children to become slaves to authority,  smart enough to pay taxes and dumb enough to vote. 

Your health care system is a misnomer, it is a disease care system . Your medications are poison. Your physicians are snake oil vendors for big pharmaceuticals.

Your entertainment media is full of subliminal messages and predictive programming that turn you into mindless robots regurgitating the talking points of the tv anchors. You have lost the capacity to discern and think for your selves.

The danger of drugs to such a society is that the user expands his mind and realizes he has been living in one big lie, in a society with invisible prison cells, a prison for the mind.
And then he puts the pieces together and sees the world of shadows, and seeks the light within – consciousness.

 He pursues the shamanic experience and travels to other dimensions of consciousness to expand his knowledge.

Such a man is dangerous to the existing order and efforts will be made by an enslaved society to pull him back to the cave for rehabilitation.


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