The False Dilemma of the Paris Climate Agreement

The global elite is at its divide and rule tactics once again. It divides humanity between pro and anti when in fact the agreement does not address the root cause.

We cannot use a solution that uses the same o same o kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place – an obsolete technology that causes wars and rampant destruction of nature.

Many wars have been waged in order to control oil resources all over the world. Let’s bring this closer to home – that’s what the Chinese presence in the Benham Rise and Spratleys – and the corresponding American “Pivot to Asia” is all about!

The extraction process is highly destructive whether it is in the deserts of the Middle East or Texas, or the fields of Canada. The pollution of the ocean is very real whether it is in the Gulf of Mexico or the freezing waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

And that’s just oil for starters.

Then we come to the power plants which need a whole lot of metal and wiring. These metals are extracted from the earth via mining, another destructive activity.

Then we look at distribution, which entails the yes of more wires and wooden poles. All of this come from mining and logging – another destructive activity.

Then comes the end users – industries and businesses which use the electric power.

Of course all of this add up to wanton destruction of the environment and the human condition.

The Paris Agreement seeks to regulate the use of energy by end users. Never mind the fact that these regulations do not address the root cause – an obsolete technology of the 18th century.

We are already in the 21st century and we are still using a 200 year old technology – and the best that people can do is call for more regulations when we ought to be looking at new technologies.

Here’s the thing, the new technologies are already here but are being suppressed because once introduced it fundamentally reshape society.

Imagine this, a technology that harnesses the electromagnetic field, an ocean of energy we literally swim in. It can’t be metered, it is INFINITE and ETERNAL.

The implications are profound – the oil industry, the mining industry, the wars for oil of the military industrial complex , the grid based power industry will become obsolete – and along with it the banks which finance all of these. Government regulations and agencies become irrelevant as well. The ships and trucks that ferry oil, as well as the ports where these are offloaded become irrelevant.

This extends all the way to cars and vehicles as we know it. The days of pumping gas at the station will be over as cars will now be running on zero point energy.

This means trees will thrive, forests will bloom, the earth will no longer be scarred, humans no longer have to fear losing electric power.

That’s why inventors of zero point energy devices have either been co-opted or worse, murdered. However, an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped. More and more engineers are carrying on with the zero point energy devices pioneered by Nikola Tesla.

In plain and simple terms, the answer to a dysfunctional technology is not to regulate it as proposed by the Paris Agreement, but to REPLACE IT with zero point energy technologies.


Isn’t it ironic that a supposedly Anti-NWO regime is a signatory to the NWO-sponsored Paris Climate Agreement?

Or that an “anti-US regime” is still following the US Drug War playbook like a South American banana republic?



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  1. 110 Million & Rising · ·

    Climate Agreement’s main purpose and agenda is to subjugate the 3rdworld countries so they cannot progress and will be under the mercy of the 1stWorld.

    Philippines is an ass-licking 1st-world-wannabe. Philippines wanted to save the world’s environment from the Philippines thru dead emaciated starved Filipino children so Philippines can save the world’s environment.

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