The Terrorism Bogeyman

The Philippines has recently jumped on the terrorism bandwagon. The outcome has always been the loss of more freedoms under the guise of protecting your freedom. This modus operandi of the state can be seen with recent imposition of martial law in Mindanao – and the threat of extending it to the entire country.

Supporters of martial law mentioned that life went on normally even with its formal imposition. What Filipinos are missing is that there is already defacto martial law all over the country. Or, to be more blunt – Marcos was removed but the martial law regime continued with a civilian face.

Philippine government offices are stacked with retired military men. Technically, they are already civilians after leaving the military. However that is only a technicality as ex-military are just sanitized order followers of the military complex. Their mindset is still that of a mindless soldier following the chain of command.

All of these bureaucracies that we have come to accept as normal, use violence and threats to intimidate or coerce people into following their interests – guidelines, regulations, fees, etc.

Try not paying taxes to the BIR or City Hall and see where that takes you. Or try using drugs and you will face uniformed thugs who will abduct you and take you into a building where you will be held for a long period of time, assuming they will not plant a gun on you, then shoot you claiming you resisted arrest.

This is no different from Maute knocking at your door and shooting you if you fail to recite an Islamic prayer accurately. In this case, Maute was doing a religious tokhang. When the state practices coercion – it is legal. But when Maute practices coercion it is illegal. What really is the difference between the coercion of the Philippine state and the Maute ? There is none at all.

If anything, the Philippine state is the bigger terrorist which has captured the mind of Filipinos in a massive Stockholm syndrome state of mind.











  1. This debate about MARTIAL LAW is not a debate how it affected the lives of Filipinos but about the philosophy of martial law.

    With or without Martial Law lives in Maranaw is the same as was before and forever will be.


  2. These Filipinos love to be in the limelight. Other countries have terrorism issues like Philippines has had terrorism issues even before Magellan landed in these chaotic specks of islands in Southeast Asia. Why now? Why?

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