Mind Control in Plain Sight #BeFullyInformed

That constitutional provision on 100% Filipino ownership of media needs to be seriously re-evaluated. After all does 100% Filipino ownership of media ensure, accurate, fair and balanced news and views?


By limiting ownership to Filipinos only, Filipino readers and viewers minds are limited to an ultranationalist agenda controlled by a local elite that consigns Filipino viewers and readers to limited access to content that can improve their lives.


The 100% exclusivity provision indicates the stranglehold of the local elite on the hearts and minds of Filipinos that have made them parochial, racist, ignorant, and misinformed. What’s happening now is a conflict between the local elite and the global elite at the expense of Filipinos.


The response to differing views should be an articulate discussion – not the stifling of views by way of state coercion. It reeks of a feudal setup where the lords dictate what the peasantry are allowed to do. It’s anachronistic and quite primitive.


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