Blog Roll

A blog wouldn’t be complete with the blog roll call. Thus, we have compiled a list of blogs that you might consider checking out.

Some are technical in content, some are visual in content, one thing though – these blogs don’t mince words, nor sugarcoat.

It’s all about being real, as in.. No BS, No emo, as real as can be.

Please view our blogroll below.

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  1. Please add our blog “Filipino Culture” to your blog list. The url is Great analysis of Filipino culture, some political commentary, and quite a bit of political economy discussions.

  2. THIS SITE IS DEFINITELY AWESOME. Like what I’ve been saying “Fix the culture and you fix politics”. We cannot have a top-down change. WE MUST HAVE A SYNCHRONIZE CHANGE TO-DOWN TO BOTTOMS-UP.

    What goot is a goot president if the rest are corrupt maniacs.

  3. News & Politics right here:
    ( )

    It’s anonymous. No need to register. Say whatever you want.

  4. We do not have to go beyond the confines of our own office fence to feel frustrated on the way “Pinoys” manage their business affairs.
    The office is a reflection of all the ‘evil’ character traits we possess and do not wish to relinquish.

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