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The #Philippines Government is Not Your Friend

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Philippine government is not your friend, your tatay, or nanay for that matter. It is a predator, a virus of the mind that pretends to be your friend. The modus operandi of the state boils down to putting you in a state of fear – and then […]


The Shift Is On

The year 2016 was a year marked by a fundamental change and a shift in beliefs and perceptions for me. My journey has taken me on different paths, nooks and crannies in search of answers to myriad questions. The core question was what’s going on and what can I do about it.


Charter Change: Not about reliance on FDI – It’s about FREEDOM to Choose

For the life of me – I can’t fathom how someone could come to a conclusion that charter change is about relying on foreign capital – alone. At the Macrolevel Removing the 60/40 does not imply relying on FDI alone – it means having the freedom to opt for FDI when needed. At the moment […]

Nobody Loses in the Philippines – They Just Get “Cheated”

MANNY PACQUIAO LOST TO BRADLEY. Was it the number of congressman who flew to Vegas who jinxed the match? Was it the lack of focus and preparation by Manny? Was it because Bradley was inspired by Jessica Sanchez singing Uncle Sam’s anthem? Frankly, I don’t give a fuck. As far as am concerned, it’s one […]

Is Culture Really the Issue Behind Corruption or Is It Moronic Regulations?

Imho, good governance refers to a government that is observing best practices in administering government resources and services. However this poses a question when government attempts to impose governance on phenomena or behavior that shouldn’t be governed at all. The framework can be presented as: 1. Default state is “free” – no regulation, no regulators […]

What Can Be Done To Lower the Country’s Extremely High Power Costs That Keep Local and Foreign Investments Away

EXERCISE: OP-ED Analysis Given this article from the Daily Tribune “PinoyMonkeyPride, AntiPinoy, and GetRealPhilippines are really insulting the Filipino intelligence if, like Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile and House Speaker Sonny Belmonte, they think Filipinos of all classes don’t already know that the country’s highest power costs in Asia is the very thing keeping local […]

Notes: Impact of Econ Lib and Implications to the Philippine Economy

Re-invent the wheel? NAH. As certain quarters in the Philippines seek a gradualist approach to econ lib – such an approach creates an imperfect market that does not help at all. *** This is a work in progress and contains a compilation of references and case studies on the impact of economic liberalization in countries […]