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Political Change or Economic Change?

In the Philippines (just like the rest of the world)- people are so deeply misinformed to believe political change (such as Federalism) will lead to socioeconomic development. Don’t get me wrong – federalism is an improvement on the unitary state as it breaks the stranglehold of the overly centralized state. However, why stop at federalism? […]

Mind Control in Plain Sight #BeFullyInformed

That constitutional provision on 100% Filipino ownership of media needs to be seriously re-evaluated. After all does 100% Filipino ownership of media ensure, accurate, fair and balanced news and views?   By limiting ownership to Filipinos only, Filipino readers and viewers minds are limited to an ultranationalist agenda controlled by a local elite that consigns […]

Charter Change: Not about reliance on FDI – It’s about FREEDOM to Choose

For the life of me – I can’t fathom how someone could come to a conclusion that charter change is about relying on foreign capital – alone. At the Macrolevel Removing the 60/40 does not imply relying on FDI alone – it means having the freedom to opt for FDI when needed. At the moment […]

Notes: Index of Economic Freedom, Form of Government and Governance Systems

A Work In Progress: Comparison of 2011 Index of Economic Freedom World Rank, Form of Government and Internal Governance System. Economic Freedom of All Parliamentary Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread out. Economic Freedom of All Federal Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread out. Economic of All Federal Parliamentary Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread […]

Philippine Airlines Cries Wolf On Entry of Foreign Airlines

When more and more Filipinos travel to destinations outside of the Philippine for leisure and work they generate repeat business and indirectly helps promote Philippine destinations to foreign markets. In turn, as foreign markets take cognizance of Philippine destinations, foreign passengers will ride on airlines that meet travelers’ exacting requirements. Those who meet the challenge of customer service get the reward of a healthy bottom line.