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“Reproductive Health Rights” – No Such Animal in 1987 Philippine Constitution

After having a career outside my college degree, I often forget that in preparation for Med School, I took up the natural sciences  –  and that by training and education, I am a biologist. And so after having wandered around the globe as investments promoter, network administrator, web designer, business planner, landscaper, chauffeur, waiter, dishwasher, […]

Filipinos and the Post EDSA Aquino Blues

The recent litany of misgivings about Aquino’s failures in performance, in diplomacy, in the economy gets longer. The mainstream media which supported “the anointed one” is stuck knowing they endorsed Aquino all the way, despite knowing that Aquino was a lazy oaf who played hooky while in Congress and the Senate. It is not surprising […]

Gallup’s Happiness Study Can Account for “Proud to be Pinoy” Syndrome

I bet you’ve had an earful of how Pinoys are the greatest, nicest, bestest best people on the planet. And of course, you ask, if they are indeed the ‘the greatest, nicest, bestest best people on the planet” how come the Philippines SUCKS? The headlines are screaming kidnapping, extortion, prostitution, corruption, incompetence, poverty, drug mules […]

China Teaches the Philippines a Thing or Two About the Rule of Law

In case you guys have been watching the headlines past the couple of weeks. ** Even China’s chief justice does not have the power to overturn the death penalty set to be carried out on three Filipino drug traffickers next week, the Chinese Embassy in Manila said Friday. It said it saw no other scenario […]

Arroyo will become Prime Minister? Ano daw?

The jolog queen of Ellenville rejected constitutional reform on the basis of Arroyophobia – as if Arroyo is the root of all evil in the Philippines (to which moi begs to differ). The resistance was expressed as I’m not ready to put my guard down. We have seen how Arroyo schemed her way to power […]

Father Jejemon and the Church of Doom

The venerable benign0 obviously made another astute observation, which he consistently does by the way, with his latest post titled “King of Comedy faces the Inquisition”. Then, straight from the threads came the following comments from Krstine0019 Religious beliefs, no matter how absurd they may appear, must be respected. It is respect that enables him […]