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National Renewables Program – Expecting New Results from Same Old Policies

The Philippine government relaunched it’s National Renewal Energy Program  – to solve the power shortage, supposedly. Philstar reported that: MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) – President Benigno S. Aquino III formally launched today the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) that is expected to solve power shortage especially in rural areas. The NREP contains a framework for action, […]

Filipinos and the Post EDSA Aquino Blues

The recent litany of misgivings about Aquino’s failures in performance, in diplomacy, in the economy gets longer. The mainstream media which supported “the anointed one” is stuck knowing they endorsed Aquino all the way, despite knowing that Aquino was a lazy oaf who played hooky while in Congress and the Senate. It is not surprising […]

China Teaches the Philippines a Thing or Two About the Rule of Law

In case you guys have been watching the headlines past the couple of weeks. ** Even China’s chief justice does not have the power to overturn the death penalty set to be carried out on three Filipino drug traffickers next week, the Chinese Embassy in Manila said Friday. It said it saw no other scenario […]

Aquino’s Rice Subsidies Keep Farmers Poor

Moving SLUSH FUNDs from NFA to DSWD. Here’s the situation – 70% of Philippine poor are subsistence farmers. Aquino government will not provide subsidized rice via NFA but through DSWD. Aquino government keeps prices of rice low, ergo rice farmers have low income and remain poor and will just have to take solace in DWSD […]

Moody’s Upgrades Philippines from High Credit Risk to Questionable

The Inquirer was giddy about Aquino’s pronouncements that Moody’s upgrades PH outlook to ‘positive’ . Moody’s has assigned a Ba3 rating for the country’s local- and foreign currency-denominated liabilities. The rating, which has stood since July 2009, is three notches below investment grade. Before you all jump like retards about this latest rating – ya […]

Philippine Airlines Cries Wolf On Entry of Foreign Airlines

When more and more Filipinos travel to destinations outside of the Philippine for leisure and work they generate repeat business and indirectly helps promote Philippine destinations to foreign markets. In turn, as foreign markets take cognizance of Philippine destinations, foreign passengers will ride on airlines that meet travelers’ exacting requirements. Those who meet the challenge of customer service get the reward of a healthy bottom line.

What would Sun Tzu Say to Philippine Agri-businesses?

I’ve had lively discussions with my AP friends recently on the issue of Philippine agriculture. It was an offshoot of a recent soiree into Negros – the epicenter of the golden age of Philippines Sugarlandia. We all agreed that: 1. CARP doesn’t work – DAR is not needed. 2. Corollary to #1 – Land redistribution […]