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The False Dilemma of the Paris Climate Agreement

The global elite is at its divide and rule tactics once again. It divides humanity between pro and anti when in fact the agreement does not address the root cause. We cannot use a solution that uses the same o same o kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place – an […]

Will government efforts to revitalize bangus industry be effective?

WORK IN PROGRESS: Fish Kills in Taal Government to revitalize hard-hit fish industry MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) – The government will assist fish pen owners by providing them milkfish (bangus) fingerlings in a bid to revitalize the hard-hit fish industry in the provinces of Batangas and Pangasinan, a senior government official said today. Presidential spokesperson Edwin […]

Kwentong Barbero: Ang Minahan ni Juan sa Probinsya

Juan: I was googling “Philippines” and “mineral wealth”; such are the privileges of retirement, when I came across an article with the above title. It dates back to early 2005 and suggests all our economic woes would be over if we just dug stuff out of the ground. Does anyone agree with this or is […]

The Chickens Come Home to Swim

Clean up the trash. Upgrade the sewage system. Pick up your trash. Don’t throw plastic into the rivers. Rationally apply Urban Planning. Enough of “spot zoning”. Don’t vote bozos into Congress. Vote for bozos who provide winning solutions and demonstrated these in the past – not because they are “winnable”. Everything that can go wrong, […]