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Is Culture Really the Issue Behind Corruption or Is It Moronic Regulations?

Imho, good governance refers to a government that is observing best practices in administering government resources and services. However this poses a question when government attempts to impose governance on phenomena or behavior that shouldn’t be governed at all. The framework can be presented as: 1. Default state is “free” – no regulation, no regulators […]

Notes: Index of Economic Freedom, Form of Government and Governance Systems

A Work In Progress: Comparison of 2011 Index of Economic Freedom World Rank, Form of Government and Internal Governance System. Economic Freedom of All Parliamentary Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread out. Economic Freedom of All Federal Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread out. Economic of All Federal Parliamentary Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread […]

National Renewables Program – Expecting New Results from Same Old Policies

The Philippine government relaunched it’s National Renewal Energy Program  – to solve the power shortage, supposedly. Philstar reported that: MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) – President Benigno S. Aquino III formally launched today the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) that is expected to solve power shortage especially in rural areas. The NREP contains a framework for action, […]

Notes: Spratleys, Sabah, China, USA, Vietnam, Philippines

China China to neighbors: Stop oil search in Spratlys – (As of 6/9/2011) MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) China warned Asian neighbors Thursday to stop searching for oil near the disputed Spratly Islands and vowed to assert its sovereignty over the potentially petroleum-rich territory in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) despite rival claims. China and the […]

Population, Population Density, GDP Per Capita (PPP)

Hypothesis: High population size translates to less wealth. Definition of Terms: GDP per capita (PPP) as a measure of wealth. Sample Size: Top 20 Most Populous Countries Population Density and GDP Per Capita (PPP). Trend shows no relationship bet Population Density and GDP Per Capita (PPP). Population and Population Density Trend shows no relationship bet […]

Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo

Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo ‘Di ‘ko makapaniwala tayo ay huli. ‘Di ‘ko makapaniwala tayo ay huling huli. Ating ekonomiya kay tagal nang mapanghi. ‘Di ‘ko makapaniwala sa utang di makabawi Magkakapit-bisig libo-libong tao. Baon sa utang lahat ng Pilipino. Sama-sama iisa ang adhikain. Si Lopez at Tan ay payayamanin Ref: Handog ng Pilipino sa […]

The RH Bill’s Publicly Funded Approach is rife with Red Flags

Here’s exactly where the red flags are. The RH Bill advocates are pushing a bill for the sake of pushing it – never mind the repercussions on other taxpayers who don’t believe in the efficacy because of well-founded reasons for not getting government involved in the actual procurement and distribution of contraceptives. Go ahead – […]