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#Philippines Inflation Keeps Rising After Passage of TRAIN Law

The numbers are out. Philippines inflation is on the rise after the passage of TRAIN tax law. Inflation hit 5.7% in July 2018, 7 months after the passage of the TRAIN law. I wonder what sort of alibi will the BSP come up with on its 3% inflation target. Or what alibi will the DTI, […]

Will Federalism Improve #Philippines Economy?

Politicians and their minions on the federalism train are hyped up more than any meth head. Case in point, Venezuela. Venezuela is a state with a federal form of government. ( So how has the federal form of government worked for the economy of Venezuelans? Last time I checked, Venezuela is well on the way […]

Mind Control in Plain Sight #BeFullyInformed

That constitutional provision on 100% Filipino ownership of media needs to be seriously re-evaluated. After all does 100% Filipino ownership of media ensure, accurate, fair and balanced news and views?   By limiting ownership to Filipinos only, Filipino readers and viewers minds are limited to an ultranationalist agenda controlled by a local elite that consigns […]

The #Philippines TRAINwreck #TaxationIsTheft

Juice from Php 8 to 15 1 litre of soda from Php 56 to PhP 72 *** Just think,  every time you drink sugary beverage, you are drinking cement road, courtesy of your moronic voter friends  *** Look on the bright side, it’s one reason to just drink water, stay healthy while depriving the idiotic […]

What Filipinos can learn about the Drug War from Nobel Prize Winner Milton Friedman

Here’s something for the statist/collectivist brain trust, from Nobel Prize laureate Milton Friedman. Read up and perhaps add a few points to your IQ and EQ. ​POINTS TO CONSIDER: * The only party which can meet the armed state is organized crime/drug cartels that have the connections to move goods through customs or around customs […]

Is Culture Really the Issue Behind Corruption or Is It Moronic Regulations?

Imho, good governance refers to a government that is observing best practices in administering government resources and services. However this poses a question when government attempts to impose governance on phenomena or behavior that shouldn’t be governed at all. The framework can be presented as: 1. Default state is “free” – no regulation, no regulators […]

Notes: Index of Economic Freedom, Form of Government and Governance Systems

A Work In Progress: Comparison of 2011 Index of Economic Freedom World Rank, Form of Government and Internal Governance System. Economic Freedom of All Parliamentary Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread out. Economic Freedom of All Federal Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread out. Economic of All Federal Parliamentary Countries Comment: Economic Freedom is spread […]