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The Terrorism Bogeyman

The Philippines has recently jumped on the terrorism bandwagon. The outcome has always been the loss of more freedoms under the guise of protecting your freedom. This modus operandi of the state can be seen with recent imposition of martial law in Mindanao – and the threat of extending it to the entire country. Supporters […]

In the News: Gas Leak Pinpointed(?), Residents Evacuated, West Tower Might Explode?

We received a note in the AP shoutbox about a gas leak in Makati. The news makes it appear that the source of the leak has been identified – but the actual statements of the firemen are “could have”. There seems to be a disconnect between the headlines and the facts.  Can the dots be […]

In the News: Mindanao Development Authority Office to Locate near Dureza's Seagull in the Sky

No sooner had the ink ran dry on the creation of the Mindanao Development Authority when I spotted a seemingly harmless news item on Inquirer. Here we are talking about the culture of impunity and what can be done to instill integrity. Then, bam, I get a whiff of something that stinks – the smell […]