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Federalism – Another Useless Advocacy

A family friend dropped by yesterday, Sunday morning, with a copy of the Federalism proposal. In a nutshell, the proposal called for just five regions in the Philippines.Their experts claimed that it would make governance more efficient and responsive. She asked me what I thought about the notion. Without batting an eyelash, I told her […]

The #Philippines Government is Not Your Friend

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Philippine government is not your friend, your tatay, or nanay for that matter. It is a predator, a virus of the mind that pretends to be your friend. The modus operandi of the state boils down to putting you in a state of fear – and then […]

Reyes Death Does Not Absolve the Institutions and Policies that Breed Corruption

I reserve judgement on Sec Reyes because I have no personal knowledge of the facts – and therefore presume him to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Trial by a court of public opinion does not od us any good because public opinion can be easily swayed. What distinguishes a civilized […]

Pinoys can learn from recent US elections, really?

Was reading the Pinoy congressmen’s reaction about the recent GOP win in the US midterm elections for the lower house. “We have to really sit down and analyze what happened in the US, if it’s a close parallelism of our situation in the Philippines. Of course, that would be a good learning lesson for […]

Del Castillo and the Plagiarism Issue: The Corona SC Faces a Demolition Job

10/26. We don’t have to burn the entire SC to hold Castillo accountable.I ‘ve had a full plate at work – and can’t get some solid time to write – but here are some talking points for discussion on the Del Castillo Plagiarism issue. The long and short of it is that del Castillo needs […]

From the Net: DILG PLUS PNP EQUALS JUETENG (Sen Miriam Santiago)

I was not surprised to read the headlines state that Sen. Miriam Santiago had received death threats for her position on jueteng. It made me wonder though, what exactly did she say that touched raw nerves? For all the muck that has been raised against Sen Miriam Santiago, I do admire her guts and her […]

VAT, SLEX Toll, "Sin Taxes": "Honest" Aquino Breaks Another Campaign Promise

Aquino’s foot in mouth disease just keeps on getting worse. Remember that in his speech before the Makati Business Club Jan 2010 he promised no new taxes and no tax rates hike because curbing corruption will free up funds. Aquino didn’t even wait for a year to flip flop and break his campaign promise of […]