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Pinoys can learn from recent US elections, really?

Was reading the Pinoy congressmen’s reaction about the recent GOP win in the US midterm elections for the lower house. “We have to really sit down and analyze what happened in the US, if it’s a close parallelism of our situation in the Philippines. Of course, that would be a good learning lesson for […]

From the Net: Ninoy, Noynoy, No-No (Phil Bronstein –

The oligarchs are back. Thanks to the Pinoy dimwits who voted the very persons who robbed the poor of their economic birthright. In colonial times, the Spanish grabbed indio lands through pillage and conquest, in massive quantities at that. After killing the indios, the Spanish marauders declared the indio lands as theirs. Then the Spanish […]

Philippine Elections is All About Who Has More Ignorant Voters

Elections are over, but the wider lessons learned from this recent electoral exercise are being processed. Newbies in this undertaking are advised to save their energy for tomorrow’s battles. The bigger loss actually belongs to the nation which passed up exceptional talent for mediocrity – and we just have to deal with it, period. A […]

In the News: A government run by scoundrels (On Target by Ramon Tulfo, Inquirer)

When was the last time the Philippine elections had truly decent candidates as front runners? The Gordon, Teodoro, Perlas trio reminds me of three highly qualified applicants vying for a an important job. Normally, slackers, canards, and the ethically challenged are blacklisted after the routine background check. If the Philippines were a company, it is […]

In the News: In Philippines, pre-vote largess doesn't translate into post-vote progress – Washington Post

The Washington Post has chimed in with an astute article about Philippine elections. It states what AP readers have no trouble dealing with – Filipino voters choices in the Philippine elections amount to nothing. Where are the yellow zombies and Carolla blowhards – mag-rally na kayo sa harap ng Washington Post!!! In Philippines, pre-vote largess […]

Noynoy Aquino and the LP: A Broken Compass in a Time of Uncertainty

It used to be that politicians would complain about fraud AFTER the elections. Today, Noynoy Aquino and the newly-minted yellow zombies of ABS-CBN are complaining about election fraud BEFORE the elections have taken place. Of course, there is a need to be vigilant against fraud anytime.  I want a clean and credible election, too.  The […]

BANDILA Interview with Richard Gordon/ABS-CBN's Media Personality and Filipino Voters Are Called Out, Get Pwned

The quintessential Sen. Richard Gordon is honest, straightforward, is not a panderer, and tells it as it is in his latest interview with Bandila’s Ces Drilon.Issues addressed: The survey issue; The “short-temper” issue and how it transformed Subic and got the Automated Poll Act passed; “Excuse me – I have been a Red Cross volunteer for 42 YEARS; ” Lito Lapid was able to pass one law, Noynoy Aquino was not able to pass one law.; Stating a fact is not “tinitira”; Media dumbing down the electorate. Funding for teacher’s monthly salaries of PhP 40,000($800) a month; The Aquino-Cojuangco dynasties have not shown any results; The “Chairman” issue in Subic.