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EDSA ’86: From People Power to People Blunder

The EDSA ’86 celebrations are coming soon – and it will be the usual homage to “people power and revolution”, about freedom from the Marcos dictatorship, freedom of expression, freedom to assemble for peaceful redress of grievances, the right to a fair trial under due process of law. Indeed nominally, we regained our “the freedom […]

Father Jejemon and the Church of Doom

The venerable benign0 obviously made another astute observation, which he consistently does by the way, with his latest post titled “King of Comedy faces the Inquisition”. Then, straight from the threads came the following comments from Krstine0019 Religious beliefs, no matter how absurd they may appear, must be respected. It is respect that enables him […]

Seventeen goals that can move the Philippines forward in 2011

The information and commodity deluge can be treated like a buffet. Just because your $12.95 allows you to eat unlimited everything – doesn’t mean you have to – at the risk of rupturing your stomach or suffering a really bad case of indigestion. Bite what you can chew and focus on the actions with the […]

How Can Philippine Agriculture be “Saved” ?

I’ve had lively discussions with my AP friends recently on the issue of Philippine agriculture. It was an offshoot of a recent soiree into Negros – the epicenter of the golden age of Philippines Sugarlandia. We all agreed that: CARP doesn’t work – DAR is not needed. Corollary to #1 – Land redistribution via state’s […]

Hard Work … Not Filipino-ness

Updated: November 14, 2010, 11:27 EST Manny Pacquiao has shown what discipline, training, nurturing, mentoring and fast critical thinking can achieve. As a professional boxer he has to be good at his craft – not only does his money depend on it, but his life too. All of this were driven by choices made by […]

Video: The Art of the Pinoy Accent

Another day in the life of this “finest race on the planet”. So fine in fact that, their accent can’t be “made fun of”. Really? Consider the following Pinoy jokes, you can even see that the sentence is a play on the Pinoy accent. 1. Use BE COOL and I’LL BUY in a sentence. …The […]

The Wine Sucked? For Sure? Know your Wine before you Whine

Mai Mislang’s lame-ass reaction to the wine really “sucked” – pun intended. Someone who is so used to drinking beer and liquor will have a different take on wines. After all unlike booze, wine is too tame and lacks the oomph of brandy or rum. The thing is, you don’t go to a diplomatic dinner […]