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  1. Dean de la Paz · ·

    Dear AP,

    This is Dean de la Paz. I occassionaly post at FV but have not recently as the community over there has been acting like a lynch mob. If you will, I would like to join AP and post here. Some of you may be familiar with my articles in the Business Mirror and my posts at FV.

    As I am an intellectual moron as to how to contribute, I will need your help should you agree to my joining. Wala akong alam kung papaano magcontribute.


  2. Hey Dean welcome!!! I thought you’d never ask. 🙂

    I shall defer to BongV (the big boss of AP) to make the necessary arrangements with you, but as an Admin here myself, I’ll be happy to help you publish your articles (there are a number of others who also can). Look forward to working with you man.

  3. Defectors from FV are most definitely welcome at AP 🙂


  4. Hi Again Dean

    Bong said he has set you up already as an author. This is what you need to do:

    just log in through the dashbord – click Posts – Add New Posts – Submit – and it’s live – that’s it.

    Welcome to AP!


  5. CONGRATULATION! Class of 2010. By Daniel Escurel Occeno
    (First published in The Mindanao Examiner 04/01/2010)

    Right before graduation days in the Month of March reports of how the Philippines is a backward country and will never develop are published in newspapers of print and on the Internet. The proof usually is the results of aptitude tests taken by students.

    My desktop Microsoft Encarta 2009 defines an Aptitude Test as a test of suitability for work: a test to determine whether somebody is likely to be able to develop the skills required for a specific kind of work.

    The foundation of the psychological test is answers of goals of a student or future dreams of employment. The better dreams the better chance of success of the development of a third world country. For example wanting to be a brain surgeon is weighed more than wanting to be a construction worker, but we need more construction workers to develop infrastructure and build buildings for growth.

    The Philippines has a surplus of Medical Surgeons. Many have to work overseas. Imports work for construction companies building new housing and high rises.

    Because native born Filipinos’ ambitions are not nuclear scientists, military drone software developers, or fusion reactor physicists; there is a brain drain in the Philippines.

    Countless of Filipino children would rather be successful in the entertainment industry such as singers, TV personalities, and movie stars. We must have a brain drain because those types of professions are really not mentally challenging or competitive enough to develop a Third World society out of poverty.

    Filipino grown ups do not worry about it. We can still be a G-20 country meeting the demands of our children’s dreams.

    Developing “Broadway Theatres” in Metro Manila has started, but developing a lucrative industry was believed to be near impossible.

    The Theatre District in New York with 40 large professional theaters with 500 seats or more can be duplicated and constructed in Metro Manila, but the successful profits creating jobs while adding to a domestic tourism industry is the marketing challenge.

    The largest bulk of customers for our domestic tourism industry is the well-educated professionals such us teachers and scholars that would rather vacation to a Broadway musical than relaxing in sandy beaches. Target marketing these demographics of loyal customers should get the Philippines Pesos churning.

    Domestic tourism and domestic trading will create the monetary flow to become a G-20 country.

    The 20 best economies in the world: 19 countries plus the European Union are the members of the G-20. GNP, GDP, and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) are important to be in the G-20. Do not worry about the measurements. Worry about increasing Income Spending and Income Saving, jobs creation for the people.

    The making of movies for TV, the distribution of television (local TV and local cable TV), broadcasting of radio, the recording music industries, and making blockbuster movies have created giant conglomerate entertainment industries like Sony, Time Warner, Disney, and Viacom helping make the United States the best economy in the world.

    We can do that in the Philippines and the experts can claim we have a brain drain. I would not care as long as our children can memorize their lines while looking convincing live on stage, performing on TV, and acting on the big screen.

    How do you teach our eight and under long term memory to recite that screenplay would be recommended to the Department of Education to find out and teach.

    Friends in college at Mizzou were told by their parents to get real college degrees and after they graduated they can pursue TV or movie careers. (They must have been from wealthy families.) Several were engineering majors and wanted to go to Criminal Law and do TV after graduating with multiple degrees.

    In the mid 1980s television shows and Hollywood movies were flooded with lawyers, crime drama, and high technology Science Fiction blockbusters. I wonder why?

    To be an actor in character you still have to learn and craft your skills. That would take brains not apathy.

    Pinewood Studios (Dracula, Batman, and James Bond movies) in England is my model for the future, to emulate in the Philippines.

    Picture giant warehouses, a shell of walls well ventilated, painted bright white inside. The rooftop will collect rainwater to be stored in water tankers. The stockpiled water will be used for indoor filming of close-ups for tsunami, flooding, and disaster films with ceramic pebble beds to purify and re-use the water for future scenes.

    Inside, mostly everything portable to make movies all indoors using “movie magic” or software technology manipulation is the idea creating jobs for skilled laborers to build sets and duplicate scenes to produce the realism and the fantasy with miniatures if needed and giant parts when warranted; but it will be filmed all indoors with no typhoon problems unless it is recreated in a scene, indoors.

    How do we pay for it?

    I have been recommending for the super rich to consider the idea as an investment added to their portfolio.

    There is Jollibee Foods that could start an indoor studio for family and children similar to Disney but in the Philippines.

    Cebu Pacific can even venture in movie making to create a domestic tourism industry with their indoor studios.

    For local TV, local Cable TV, and indoor studios in the regions outside Metro Manila or Metro Cebu, the community can start a cooperative.

    A cooperative is an association of persons with common bond of interest, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a lawful common social and economic end. –, the free Philippine encyclopedia on the Internet.

    We have film studios thriving now. Bigfoot Studios is located in Lapu-Lapu City in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

    We have several teaching the industry like the International Academy of Film and Television is Asia’s Premier Film School, located on the island of Mactan in Cebu, Philippines.

    The graduating Class of 2010 interested in pursuing dreams in making movies or becoming a thespian can do so without going ABROAD.

    Dream your dreams. Live your life. Stay and build a kingdom in my birth country.

    CONGRATULATION! Class of 2010.

    Daniel Escurel Occeno is a writer for children in the Philippines.

    Daniel Escurel Occeno
    Panganiban Street
    Gubat, SORSOGON Philippines 04710
    Local Landline Phone: 116 056 311 0035

  6. benign0,

    so how can i post in anti-pinoy?

  7. benign0/bongV

    If you think AP is about free-speech how about giving someone who does not agree with most of your POV’s make a post.


  8. if you don’t agree with the POV – you have the freedom to post your disagreement in the comment threads.

    stay on topic/off-topic – no deletions, no moderation

    spam – sexual content

    as to posting an article – that’s another matter – anti-pinoy posts are diametrically opposite to the mainstream articles as those in FV, B&, and MLQ and – if you want to see content contrary to AP – by all means you are free to visit those sites

    you are also free to post your blog links in the shoutbox or the comment threads..

  9. meaning i cannot post a regular article at AP because I am not one of your mainstream fanatic?

  10. meaning i cannot post a regular article at AP because I am not one of your mainstream fanatics?

    this is no different than FV which delete some of your expletives!

  11. hahahaha, benign0, your big boss is already allergic giving me a full right to post a regular article!

  12. you want free speech you have it – you have not been banned, or moderated, or deleted.

    as to freely posting an article on AP – you gotta be kidding, you have to earn that privilege.

  13. apples to apples.

    no expletives deleted. or moderated.

  14. feel free to join the threads – your comments will not be banned or moderated 😆

  15. @ jcc,

    Dude, just be happy commenting for now. This is a free speech zone for sane commentors such as yourself. Posting an article is another matter though. Don’t confuse what is a privilege with what you believe is an entitlement. Besides, nothing’s stopping you from posting a comment that is, itself, article-grade (this “grade” having nothing to do with length, of course). 😉

  16. This is just me, jcc, but the fact that you’d describe us as “fanatics” comes across to me as an indication that you don’t really understand what makes an AP writer. So the question I suggest that you ask yourself is “If I don’t know what AP is all about, then why do I want to write for it?”

  17. writers are obviously realists. Those who still believe that there is nothing wrong with the Filipino culture should stick to writing for FV and all the other blogsites out there with similar mentality. But as BongV said, they are free to write on the comment section 🙂

  18. JCC:

    You pushed my button about – FV and you being able to post an article on AP – very well, you pushed the right button 😆

    Let’s see if it’s a good fit – here’s what we can do — full disclosure:

    1. you register – you know the drill.

    2. after you register – you will be assigned contributor status – w/c means there will be an editorial review process. now, what are we looking for is this:

    Discuss the Policies and Conduct of Governance – if you are in favor/disapprove of an Aquino policy, state why, substantiate.

    If you disagree with what an AP article states, then identify the same issue – state your position on the same issue.

    As you know AP readers will not hesitate to comment in a straightforward manner. In doing so, we do not imply to question your professional competence in your selected field of expertise, rather we do so on a common quest to separate the chaff from the grain.

    3. assuming it’s a good fit – you get bumped to author status.

    I know we both started on the wrong foot. Still, I am willing to step forward, take a risk and hit the reset button.

    Ball is in your court.

  19. Benign0,

    Suddenly you become a dreamer. A full article is in the front page and a comment on a thread is several layers below the article and you want to convey the impression that the impact would be as much. What is happening with you dude?


    There is something wrong with the Filipino people but you do not own the monopoly of the solutions.


    I write free-style. I do not want to be hedged by your parameters of a good write up. You can always trash an article under the guise of variance from your guideline then there is no difference between AP and FV. I am a believer that a trash has its own place in the marketplace of ideas and that is the bottom of the pit, but that should come as a matter of collective appreciation your readers and not from your sole unfettered discretion.

    Anyway guys, I was just trying to test the waters to find if you are really different from other blogs.

  20. Well, if you really wanna test the waters,,

    you can get authorship on AP, PROVIDED benign0 also becomes an author in your blog with DJB et al.


  21. hay naku JCC

    dami mong eng eng. if you wanna post – then post. there’s the comment threads for you.
    typical pinoy – binigyan mo ng daliri, gusto buong kamay.


  22. Absolutely,

    I have no problem with that. But you have to ask DBJ about it because he owns it. In the case of my personal blog, I have no idea on how to get other people to be an admin in it too. IF I know how, you can post anything on it.

  23. you really feel that i like your daliri or kamay? what a self-righteous arrogance.

  24. exactly.

    in like manner, i have to ask the crew – out of respect for my fellow AP bloggers. and the matter is being deliberated on.

    I have no problems with you blogging on AP – as I do appreciate your stance on freedom of expression on FV and crossed swords with Nick on the matter.

  25. jcc:

    the feeling is mutual – 😆

  26. we can always agreeably disagree.

  27. you can start to agreeably disagree by asking nicely.
    – GMRC 101

  28. We have a different POV. You should be glad someone would like to post in your blog. That someone is doing you a great favor because it reflects acceptance of your forum from diverse sectors. You should not feel that you were giving him a favor like your daliri or kamay.

    Too much self-indulgence. Vanity is a sin too.

  29. GMRC 101 as a subtlety for filtering non-mainstream views.

  30. jcc:

    there’s also such a thing as “consistency” .

    vanity is over-rated.

  31. i disagree.

    if you had said outright “hey guys, would you consider having an alternative view on AP?” – then we don’t have to go through this road

    now since, you insist in your prima donna BS hell yeah.. i’ll ride it with you if that’s what you want. go ahead make my day.

  32. hahahhaha… so you want to be asked nicely?

  33. if you go by your various posts at FV, you were inconsolably belligerent. so what is this GMRC 101 BS?

  34. for short, if you are asking a favor to post – you wait. you are already posting on the comment threads, your comments are not being deleted, moderated, spammed – as was done to me in FV – and I am still very sore about it.

    for now I don’t know what your intentions are to blog on AP – whether it is what you say it is, or you are a trojan, or you’ll flake out. all i have right now is your word on face value, i don’t know you from adam or squat,

    do not feel entitled that you will be immediately approved. but certainly, if i gave the impression of arrogance – my apologies to you jcc. i have to do my due diligence and get the consensus of the ap crew – nothing personal. you are being vetted right now. that just how it is – if you don’t agree with it, there’s not much I can do about it. we’d rather get this out of the way now – than get into a nasty exchange later – fair enough?

  35. and here is my second post:


    If you think AP is about free-speech how about giving someone who does not agree with most of your POV’s make a post.


    Is that beyond your appreciation of what civility is all about?

  36. jcc:

    you should be more specific – specify whether you want to post an article or post a comment – medyo anal retentive mga tao dito.. eh di tapos ang boksing, napag-usapan kaagad ng maayos

  37. JC: belligerence is a matter of perspective. one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. one man’s liberator is another man’s occupation force.

  38. Peace BongV,

    It is always nicer to trade barbs with someone who does not agree with you. I enjoy this short exchange and rest assured that this is without any malice.

  39. Likewise, peace – jcc. allow the group go through its internal processes – we will work this out.

    i’ve set you up as contributor – rest assured your contribution will not be edited or changed. consider it a confidence-building measure. we will move forward with the process as it takes time for the crew to check their emails – we are all on different time zones as you know.


  40. i saw this in a gangster movie somewhere.. the dialogue went something like “if you are gonna eff me… at least kiss me”… 😆

  41. Ma Xianding · ·

    The thing is, AP has a theme. ANTI-PINOY… read the ABOUT PAGE. Unlike Filipino Voices that claims to be the voices of Filipinos based on the title, AP is DEFINITE about its stand and it has to be CONSISTENT. It does not claim to discuss all sides, it claims though to be all about exposing the ANTI-PINOY. Anything contrary to it DOES NOT BELONG HERE.

    Readers go here to read articles of a SPECIFIC BRAND and SPECIFIC FLAVOR. If you mix anything other than what is expected in here, you are going against the theme.

    So I vote no JCC here unless the theme is in line with AP’s ABOUT PAGE articles.

  42. I agree. AP readers expect to read something different when they come here. They might think AP has gone “emo” if they read anything otherwise.

  43. HusengBatute · ·

    The comments section is way open for dissenting views. I’m sure they’re more than welcome to “air” their views over there. No guarantees though on how others would receive them. But, AP must maintain its brand and stay away from counterfeits, much the same way we don’t expect a cheap imitation wantonly mingled with genuine Rolex products in a Rolex store.

  44. Hung Hang · ·

    WTF, that was a long discussion thread and much ado about nothing. I felt like I was reading a Seinfeld script.

    BongV, just let JCC post an article and get on with it. AP readers are supposedly discerning enough to distinguish propaganda crap or twisted lies from the truth.

    Remember what you said about AP being a virtual Hyde Park? I suggest you practice what you preach then and then don’t give us that “because I can” BS.

    By the way BongV, I see you changed your photo again, perhaps after you read my last comment about it. I like this one better than your real photo but the first one (Wolverine) wasn’t bad either. 🙂

    Talking about posting, I see BenK made it to the mainstream newspaper at PhilStar in an article by Carmen Pedrosa. Congrats BenK. By the way, I’d like to get a copy of your paper that Pedrosa was talking about. Check out this link.

  45. Besides, alternative POV to AP is a dime a dozen in the Philippine blogosphere. And it’s not like the readers here are kept in the dark about the alternative. They have enough of that also from the mainstream media. 😉

  46. HusengBatute · ·

    Heck, if it’s absolutely open to anyone, why not let our 4 yr old post his scribblings and let readers equally discern for themselves. Content quality matters. There may be gray areas but lines must be drawn. This is not to say we presume that the views of others should be indiscriminately rejected outright. AP group may review them first with the right not to accept or publish them. (What would be the point of such contributors’ insistence on having them published particularly in AP anyway?) Comments section is already widely open for dissenting views–No holds barred there.

  47. My thoughts exactly!!!

  48. Hyden Toro · ·

    A comment to the Editor: I was an original Blogger from FV. There is a guarantee in our constitution for : Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Opinion.

    If Noynoy Aquino is an imbecile. What words would you like me to describe him? Intellectually challenged?

    Or if Kris Aquino is a natural Seductress. What words will you like me to describe her? Sexually challenged?

    Or if Boy Abundia, is really blaldheaded hollow head, who wants to become a Cabinet Official, with the secret machination of his or (her) friend: Kris Aquino. What words you will recommend? Intellectually deficient?

    Protocols in Blog posting must not defeat the purpose of telling the truth. If the shovel is really a “dirty shovel”; let us not euphemize it as “unclean shovel”. Wordsmithing is an art for writers. Writers/Bloggers are artist also. It is a talent to Blog with sense. Not just nonsensical rambling…

    Happy Blogging! Don’t worry. We are responsible people…

  49. Ma Xianding · ·

    Why put an ABOUT US section explaining what the site is all about if you will allow articles here that are not in line with ANTIPINOY.COM? If any view can be posted here that are out of theme then might as well rename this site PINOYVOICES.COM or because it suddenly became EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

    If I buy an edition of Popular Mechanics from a bookstore and I see a recipe for Greek Salad on the front cover page I will say WTF?

    This site was made for a specific purpose, not everything under the sun like or

    If JCC’s article is in line with the ABOUT message of this site, then by all means allow the article. If not, he can always post at the comments section which is unmoderated anyway unless he says something obscene.

  50. To whoever JCC is, this site has chosen a specific theme and the editors reserve the right to accept or reject articles based on that theme.

    As for our “being happy that someone is willing to post in our blog”, that is for us to decide and not for you to impose or even suggest. We are happy with our content here and the wealth of writers who churn out their magnificent pieces. We frankly do not need you in order to “be happy”.

    Anyone can post comments, we recognize that right and that is the venue for everyone’s free speech. But to be an author is a privilege. After all, it is BongV who pays for the site. It is he who maintains and built it and it is he who can grant rights to it and maintain its integrity and consistency. He granted the writers here the right to have a say whether an article or a writer can post here or not.

    I just wanted you to know your place. Drop the sense of entitlement you are having about becoming an author in this Website. If you are you are, if you’re not, you’re not. Keep that in mind.

  51. Ilda for me hit upon the ultimate policy – those who believe that there’s nothing wrong with Filipino culture have their heads too high in the clouds. I would say that they’re deaf, blind and brainless lame ducks. They belong somewhere else. Let’s hope you fit the bill.

  52. Just wanted to put this in for the record. There are many regular commenters here in AP that, if they actually asked, I’d just as soon recommend be made contributors — even permanent authors — here. But see, these people in contrast with some, actually took the time to comment here regularly and consistently often posting comments whose quality rival even those of us regular writers here.

    The issue I have with you Mr jcc is that you come across to me as sort of a queue-jumper. If you had invested a bit of time to become a consistent commenter here in AP and spoke out whenever you begged to differ to any of the published articles here (say, over a period of at least a month or two) and racked up a track record first, then perhaps a request coming from you to become a contributor could have been better received. Instead it’s like you come in here and asked to be seated at the high-end of the table straight away, even as possibly better-qualified writers happily sit at the lower ends of the table (I’m sure you of all people will recall Jesus Christ’s well-known similarly-themed parable).

    And that is what I hate the most about Pinoy society. It is a society of queue jumpers.

  53. Parallax · ·

    just my 2 cents but I don’t see this manipulative smart@ss fitting the band of straight-shooting authors here. there is no value-added to this site in bringing in contradicting junk that doesn’t even sell much in its own store.

    if anything at all, you’ll have to clean up after him if his “You should be glad someone would like to post in your blog” is any indication of what he thinks of being here in the first place.

  54. Hung Hang · ·

    “if it’s absolutely open to anyone, why not let our 4 yr old post his scribblings and let readers equally discern for themselves.”

    Thanks for the smart ass comment HusengBatute. If you bother to read the article on this webpage, it says any posting must follow certain guidelines. If JCC is able to meet those guidelines, then why censor or block his article postings?

    If we only allow article postings here at AP which are of the same point of view (e.g. anti-Noynoy or anti-GMA), then that breeds lazy thinking.

    If two people agree all the time, then one is useless. In the same manner, if all people here at AP agree all the time, then the group becomes useless.

    Isn’t it that critical thinking is what we want to foster here at AP and not mob thinking? It sounds like with all the comments here against JCC, it’s beginning to sound like mob thinking.

    There is also an article star rating system here in AP. If you don’t like the article you are reading, aside from making a dissenting comment, you can also give it a low star rating.

    Now JCC, you better be a good writer and a creative thinker then and just send your article to BongV. If your article stinks after all this brouhaha then I’ll be the first one to tear you down to pieces. 😀

  55. Ma Xianding · ·

    This is the site’s theme
    If JCC’s piece is not in line with it, it does not belong here. There are other sites he can post in that have other themes. The objective of this site is to expose the “Anti Pinoys” in the hopes of eradicating them through changing them. Besides, where was he when AP was just a fledgling site? He was never active here and now he wants a piece of AP’s action? Baloney.

    I also read his articles and I don’t see any value he can add to this website. They are so-so.

  56. Well said.

    I remembered MLQ column about confession of the Hulks during their reunions. They only realized their mistakes after reaching their grey hair years.

    Maybe, let’s wait for the others who’re full of themselves for their hairs to turn grey or nearing the grave to finally see how to learn to queue their ideas.

  57. That’s quite spot-on J.B. Ultimately all this is an exercise in accumulating I-told-you-so material. Some of the concepts explored here in AP are too complex for most Pinoys (even those whose office bristle with brass and diplomas) to comprehend before the fact. Usually the insightfulnesss of the ideas presented here only reveal themselves to the majority after the fact. And that’s where the payoff comes — when the gloating begins.

    Case in point — for six to eight months, many here have pointed to the obvious vacuousness of Noynoy’s campaign. But it is only starting to sink into many Aquinoists only now.

    Kids will never obey when they are told not to play with fire by an adult. They will only learn after they are burnt. The important difference here is that they learn while young. Remains to be seen whether Pinoy society has a capacity to learn. Considering how countries like Singapore prospered mightily over a far shorter timeframe, the Philippines certainly ain’t no spring chicken now. But that doesn’t excuse it from learning.

  58. HusengBatute · ·

    @Hung Hang

    “if it’s absolutely open to anyone, why not let our 4 yr old post his scribblings and let readers equally discern for themselves.”

    Thanks for the smart ass comment HusengBatute. If you bother to read the article on this webpage, it says any posting must follow certain guidelines. If JCC is able to meet those guidelines, then why censor or block his article postings?

    (boldface mine)
    Exactly my point! (No smart ass comment there.)–Glad you mentioned “the article on this webpage.” No need to leave it to AP readers who “are supposedly discerning enough to distinguish propaganda crap or twisted lies from the truth.”

    The AP comments section is way more relaxed compared to many “similar” sites like FV.

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