‚ÄčInstitutional Religion – God is out there/Money is god – Only priests/pastors/Imams/Rabbis/Government officials are authorized to interpret “the word” – Go to a building/church/mosque/synagogue/temple on the appointed day and time – Donate/Tithe your earnings or go to hell – Heirarchies Personal “Religion” – God is within you, thou art God – You are the priest […]

The only thing destructive about drugs  is you go to jail, if not killed by the state You live in a society where your food is poisoned,  your mind is brainwashed,  the state tells you what you can and cannot do with your life – that’s an addiction to the lies of the state, and […]

Do you know that every time you watch a TV show or a movie that’s full of violence and hate your body generates cortisol? The frontal lobe of your brain does not distinguish between a movie/TV show or “reality as you know it”. To your frontal lobe, the experience is real. When your body generates […]

Is corruption really the issue or is it a symptom of a deeper collective mental illness – an inability to figure out the root cause? The issue is the Philippine economy is so restricted and artificial shortages are created  causing immense pressure that leads to breakdown of mores – and leads to corruption. Corruption is […]

America is an illusion. The true America died during the American Civil War and has been taken over by the bankers aka the Rothschilds. The Philippines as we know it is but a franchise of the global crime syndicate of the Rothschilds. The inconvenient truth is that governments all over the world are nothing but […]

I don’t understand why when something created by man is destroyed, we call it vandalism.  But when something created by nature is destroyed, we call it “progress”.

This Davao Coastal Road Project is going to become our local version of Standing Rock. Many houses, fishing grounds, small business owners and beach resorts will be hit. Whoever came up with the plan should have consulted ALL property owners and affected communities before coming up with a plan – not AFTER the fact. We […]