I don’t understand why when something created by man is destroyed, we call it vandalism.  But when something created by nature is destroyed, we call it “progress”.

This Davao Coastal Road Project is going to become our local version of Standing Rock. Many houses, fishing grounds, small business owners and beach resorts will be hit. Whoever came up with the plan should have consulted ALL property owners and affected communities before coming up with a plan – not AFTER the fact. We […]

By the looks of it more people have died from the drug war than the actual use of illegal drugs. Why is the state so intent on suppressing “illegal” drugs? The core issue isn’t about protecting people from the “harm” caused by weed, or shabu, or coke. Poverty isn’t caused by the use of drugs. […]

Federalism is a political solution to an economic problem. There is no point in a federation of states where people are subjected to the same protectionist bullshit. Think about it, you have different regions which are converted to states but are still bound by the protectionist 60/40.  Will you have different outcomes by following the […]

I  saw an ABS-CBN  talking head say that people should just obey Oplan Tokhang. My gut tells me that Oplan Tokhang is blatantly unlawful and is an infringement of the Bill of Rights. Specifically people have the righr to be free of unreasonable searches and a right against self incrimination. Isn’t it rather ridiculous that […]

​Hello.. The Japanese left Davao City while Digong was mayor. What makes you think the Japanese will return  now that Digong is president? When Fukushima happened, the Japanese had the option of investing in the Philippines, but did they? No, they did not and instead chose to go to Thailand for a whole lot of […]

The next Philippine revolution will not be waged in the streets. It will be waged in the hearts and minds of each Filipino who awaken to their true nature – consciousness. Most Filipinos are immersed in the illusion of separation. This is the belief that one’s self is separate from other Filipinos. And therefore, since […]