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Is P-Noy's Proposed Infrastructure Fund the Way to Go?

The government urges creation of an infrastructure fund to help fund Public-Private Partnerships. Sec Purisima says ““We’re solid in our belief that we need to invite investors to our country. Investors need a fair return as payment for their capital and the risk they’re taking. We need to make sure that we simplify the processes.” […]

Filipino Employee/Laborer's Worst Nightmare: The Filipino Employer

How often do we hear about “evil” foreign employers as the justification for protectionism? I find that hard to believe because in general, when it comes to employee compensation and benefits – Filipino companies are worse than foreign companies. Note that there are companies with foreign-sounding names but whose owners are majority Filipino. Oftentimes, the […]

In the News: RP Among Most Restrictive in Foreign Investments (Manila Standard, Jul 8, 2010)

A July 8, 2010 article filed by Roderick dela Cruz in the Manila Standard shows that the Philippines is among the “world’s most restrictive countries in allowing foreign capital into the economy”. You can go through each item in the Constitution and the FINL and read it with a critical mind with the intention of identifying protectionism and how it affects our daily lives.