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How Many Die-Hard Manny Pacquiao Fans Does It Take to Screw A Light Bulb?

Let’s cut to the chase.  Carolla apologizes, Pacquiao accepts and asks people to understand Carolla because he is a comedian. Pacquiao also asks his fans not to blow the issue out of proportion. Amen!!! Hallelujah!!! The Road to Damascus!!! Exactamente!!! Mismo!! Eureka!!!Rejoice Manny Pacquiao has more brains and class than ALL HIS DIE-HARD BLOWHARD FANS […]

It's How We Filipinos React to Carolla, That Defines Us – Sabi Ni Batman

I thought this Carolla affair was already over. Until, a friend sent me a note on FB after she read MY note – which went like this: Get a life people. I don’t know who Carolla is – but I do know the crap he is talking about. Sex tours – check with your hotel […]

Da Pinoy Nation Needs To See A Shrink

Da Pinoy is taking another beating – for good reason – because of stupid behavior and irrational beliefs. We, Pinoys need to learn more about handling the truth – because obviously, as a nation – we, Filipinos can’t handle the truth. We will rather believe that everything is A-okey and all is fine in the world – until another disaster strikes and exposes how our bad practices destroy the lives of many. We reacted angrily to the Desperate Housewives comment, yet the faux diploma retailers in Recto are thriving – if there is a demand, the supply will be found. We reacted angrily to Chip Tsao…. and we get miffed when told to get our sh*t together. DA PINOY NATION NEEDS TO SEE A SHRINK!!!

Electing A Guy With Brain Damage – By Brain Damaged Voters

Get out of the way Chip Tsao, you just lost your “crown” to Adam Carolla. It is so amusing to see all this indignation about Adam Carolla “dissing” Manny Pacqiao, the Filipinos, and the Philippines. I was rolling on the floor laughing as Adam rubbed it in.Carolla was effin hilarious! I can already imagine all […]