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The Truth and Nothing But the Truth: Can The Philippines Handle It?

Can we handle the truth? It’s not a rhetorical question considering our penchant to steer away from the uncomfortable and the “nakakahiya”. The debate on whether Aquino should create one or not becomes moot and academic as P.Noy has already issued the EO creating the Truth Commission. (Updated 8:15 p.m.) President Benigno Aquino III has […]

Aquino's Abad Appointments: Nepotism? Cronyism? Favoritism?

Nepotism has its pros and cons. What happens if a family just happens to be talented? Where do we draw the line? The pros are that having the right name is like a premium brand – and is expected to deliver superior service. On the downside – anti-corruption and nepotism/cronyism/favoritism do not mix. What is […]

The Pork Barrel Culture Continues Into the Aquino Presidency

Noynoy Aquino’s recent decision to retain the pork barrel is regrettable. It calls into question Aquino’s sincerity to stay on track with his anti-corruption rhetoric. Keeping one’s hands off the pork barrel does not mean the horse-trading and corruption that occurs in the process is terminated. The INQUIRER headline attempts to paint a picture that […]

Is an Anti-Jueteng Campaign an Effective Use of Public Funds?

Have you ever watched the “Untouchables?” You should. It provides a textbook case of sleuthing, pain-staking gathering of evidence, and building an air-tight case. The experience of the US’ Alcohol Prohibition era also shows how unenforceable laws cause corruption. Jueteng has come to the headlines again. Illegal gambling has become a favorite whipping boy of […]

Filipinos Should Learn to Follow The Laws Made by Lawmakers Filipinos Themselves Elected

In the latest mind-numbing sequel to this train wreck of an “anti-corruption campaign, Aquino applies the tricks picked up from the media training. Thus, instead of asking the Ombudsman to resign, Aquino’s idiot squad is making the rounds rallying more idiots make the call for the Ombudsman’s resignation on their behalf. Trial by Publicity Makes […]