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From the Net: Cojuangcos don’t want to let go of the land (INQUIRER)

The recent “compromise agreement” is another fry-in-your-own-lard deal being promoted by paid hacks as a “breakthrough deal”. But who really is benefitting from the breakthrough? Definitely, not the farmers who are getting another bum deal. This is the sort of news that just enrages thinking people’s sense of decency. HLI represents the hypocrisy, the phoniness, […]

Usapang Pulitika sa Facebook: Protectionism, Migration, Oligarchs

Naglilipana pa rin ang maling akala sa Pilipinas. Heto ang isang palitan ng kuro kuro sa Facebook hinggil sa Pinas. Malamang naransan nyo na rin ang mga ganitong klaseng palitan sa inyong trabaho, sa inyong mga kapitbahay, at kahit sa mga kamag-anak nyo. Maling Akala Marami pa ring misconception tungkol sa protectionism at kung sino […]

Kwentong Barbero: Brownout, Elections and Nuclear Plants

Brownouts have been hitting the headlines recently. There are various speculations on what’s going on. There’s a couple of “theories” making the round. What’s common about these speculations are the brown outs are tied to the elections – that Arroyo is deliberately causing these brownouts so she can continue her stay in power. Pathetic eh? […]