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Video: The Art of the Pinoy Accent

Another day in the life of this “finest race on the planet”. So fine in fact that, their accent can’t be “made fun of”. Really? Consider the following Pinoy jokes, you can even see that the sentence is a play on the Pinoy accent. 1. Use BE COOL and I’LL BUY in a sentence. …The […]

How Many Die-Hard Manny Pacquiao Fans Does It Take to Screw A Light Bulb?

Let’s cut to the chase.  Carolla apologizes, Pacquiao accepts and asks people to understand Carolla because he is a comedian. Pacquiao also asks his fans not to blow the issue out of proportion. Amen!!! Hallelujah!!! The Road to Damascus!!! Exactamente!!! Mismo!! Eureka!!!Rejoice Manny Pacquiao has more brains and class than ALL HIS DIE-HARD BLOWHARD FANS […]

It's How We Filipinos React to Carolla, That Defines Us – Sabi Ni Batman

I thought this Carolla affair was already over. Until, a friend sent me a note on FB after she read MY note – which went like this: Get a life people. I don’t know who Carolla is – but I do know the crap he is talking about. Sex tours – check with your hotel […]