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How Can Philippine Agriculture be “Saved” ?

I’ve had lively discussions with my AP friends recently on the issue of Philippine agriculture. It was an offshoot of a recent soiree into Negros – the epicenter of the golden age of Philippines Sugarlandia. We all agreed that: CARP doesn’t work – DAR is not needed. Corollary to #1 – Land redistribution via state’s […]

PAGCOR Privatization Without Liberalization: Jumping Out of the Frying Pan to the Fire

Talks of privatization is ripe in the air. Privatize MWSS. Privatize NAPOCOR. And more recently, Privatize PAGCOR to the tune of $10B. Is this to the advantage of the Filipino taxpayer? Or will this benefit Filipino monopoly businesses only? P.Noy Aquino is sending signals he is inclined to sell. * Aquino: Sale of Pagcor ‘a […]

Filipino Employee/Laborer's Worst Nightmare: The Filipino Employer

How often do we hear about “evil” foreign employers as the justification for protectionism? I find that hard to believe because in general, when it comes to employee compensation and benefits – Filipino companies are worse than foreign companies. Note that there are companies with foreign-sounding names but whose owners are majority Filipino. Oftentimes, the […]

Is the Philippine economy more vulnerable under Noynoy Aquino?

Turbulence, uncertainty, and volatility characterize the 21st century economy. There are many reasons for this increase – lifecycles of products and technologies have been reduced substantially and rapid product development by competition makes demand difficult to forecast. There is disorder, there is chaos resulting from marketing activities such as promotions and periodic incentives – or […]