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Filipino Employee/Laborer's Worst Nightmare: The Filipino Employer

How often do we hear about “evil” foreign employers as the justification for protectionism? I find that hard to believe because in general, when it comes to employee compensation and benefits – Filipino companies are worse than foreign companies. Note that there are companies with foreign-sounding names but whose owners are majority Filipino. Oftentimes, the […]

The Myth of "Filipinos Can't Compete in a Global Market"

Behind the game of soccer lies a complex web of interactions that deliver value from customer wants to product designers to manufacturing distribution and services. We can damn these interactions as exploitation and imperialism. Or we can understand how the game is played and see for ourselves whether it is indeed imperialism that’s killing us […]

There's More to Outsourcing than Meets the Eye

A buddy sent me an email about an interesting discussion on outsourcing. It asked the question “Is outsourcing exploitation?”. It is not the first time to hear the question. I raised that question too as a young freelancer. As you know freelancing has a certain appeal to it. You are in complete control of your […]

Coming to Grips with the Value Chain of Philippine Inc.

What exactly is it that we Filipinos do, as a society that we come up with dismal results. This is a question that has bugged us, keeps bugging us, and will keep on bugging us until we get our sh*t together. Will this election really improve the collective results generated by Da Pinoy? Maybe? Maybe […]