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Is the Philippines Becoming a Nation of Cheaters?

Are we a nation of cheaters? It seems we never run out of news about cheating in the Philippines. Way back then, the perception was that only government officials and employees were prone to cheating. Fast forward a decade. We shout in the streets against cheating – everyone else cheats, but us. Really? Is that […]

Are you Really Filipino? Are you Still a Filipino?

Chances are that the recent 2010 Philippine elections could have caused you to ask yourself – what does it mean to be Filipino? Can the Filipino be this stupified? Yes, Watson – that’s the reality, let’s get over it, and start playing the cards we have been dealt with – to the best of our […]

George Carlin: Comedian or Prophet? Can Pinoy culture handle his kind of comedy?

I am an avid fan of George Carlin. I have yet to see a Filipino comedian who can deliver the punchlines the way George Carlin does it. Of course that’s a tall order. How is George relevant to the Philippines? A lot, thank you very much. First of all, his observation on his fellow Americans […]

The Philippine Idiocracy Has Arrived

After a couple of weekends huddling with fellow Pinoy expats in my side of town, the consensus was the same – “the Philippines is hopeless, we are just so happy that we are no longer Philippine citizens and don’t have to put up with the foolish choices that Filipino voters make”. Although they did ask […]

Do Pinoys Understand What It Means to be a Citizen?

Just so as not to be eaten up by this fixation that elections are the silver bullets that will render all of the Philippines debacles dead, we need to ask the question – after the elections, what next? The need for transformation in the Philippines goes on whether one’s candidate for president and the entire […]

Biruin mo na ang lasing pati na rin ang bagong gising

Nagkakapikonan na naman. Ika nga, different strokes for different folks, lalo na sa komedya. Merong napipika, merong tawa ng tawa, merong dedma, at merong dense. Siyempre, meron tayong dominant state. Por ejemplo ang ating tiyuhing bungisngis, ang tiyahing killjoy, ang pinsang walang kamuwang muwang, atbp. We can be in any of those modes depending on […]

Overseas Filipinos are Greedy Cowards… NOT

I received a letter that I know contains sentiments – a common feeling about people who are still in the Philippines – and how they view the more outspoken Pinoys like moi – who have left. Normally, I would dismiss this kind of letter. But knowing this came from someone important (to me anyways) – […]