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Every Noy, Dick, and Manny is Destiny's Child… and Prisoner

Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds ~ Franklin Roosevelt A couple more of days and the Da Pinoy nation will be in the fight of its “life”. For the more morbid goths- a fight for its death. To the emo – a fight for its destiny aka tadhana/kapalaran/kaugmaon. […]

In the News: The 2010 "Presidentiables" Positions on Charter Change

The Inquirer recently published an article entitled Stand on Charter change, Arroyo as Speaker. The information was collected for the purpose of knowing the candidates’  stand from their answers to the following questions: Are there provisions in the 1987 Constitution that need to be amended? If yes, what are these? Why? Are you in favor […]

Gordon vs Aquino: On Mindanao

What’s in it for Mindanao: Aquino vs Gordon on Mindanao httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buMn74n8d1U I was tagged on FB recently and invited to a Mindanawons for Noynoy Movement. True enough, I barely browsed through the comment, and lo, the winnability virus keeps on rearing its ugly head. Here’s a typical comment – “The problem is going for Gordon […]

Noynoy is Obamaish? Really? ROTFLMAO!

The past couple of days have turned rather surreal. It even got a boost when somebody insinuated – Noynoy was Obamaish. I burst into laughter, rolling on the floor laughing my ass out! Ganun ba? Let’s put it to the test. I’ll put the most recent Obama video – we watch it. Then, let’s watch […]

Ask your Candidate – What's In It For the Philippines?

Sans rhetoric and emo the core issue to each candidate is this – What is your value proposition? What do you bring to the table? What’s in it for me – the taxpayer? What’s in it for my children and community? What’s in it for our country? What’s in it for our public agents? What’s […]