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Sagot sa Question to Dick Gordon Supporters

Si Gingineer Jojo may tanong para sa mga Dick Gordon Supporters I have here some questions to ask of your fave pet candidate, assuming he (Gordon) will not copy Noynoy’s pronounced Plans and Programs, if you can provide rational and categorical answers to them, I might change my position: Sa kanyang pinangangalandakang programa for the […]

Noynoy is Obamaish? Really? ROTFLMAO!

The past couple of days have turned rather surreal. It even got a boost when somebody insinuated – Noynoy was Obamaish. I burst into laughter, rolling on the floor laughing my ass out! Ganun ba? Let’s put it to the test. I’ll put the most recent Obama video – we watch it. Then, let’s watch […]

Ask your Candidate – What's In It For the Philippines?

Sans rhetoric and emo the core issue to each candidate is this – What is your value proposition? What do you bring to the table? What’s in it for me – the taxpayer? What’s in it for my children and community? What’s in it for our country? What’s in it for our public agents? What’s […]