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Ex-Emo Ocho Ochoista Chronicles: Noynoy's Winnability and the Purpose of Voting

Ang usapang ito ay nagsimula sa isang FB thread.  Ang mga nag-uusap ay dating mga tibak noong kanilang kabataan. Ngayon ay may kanya kanya na silang buhay at bihira nang mag-usap until Facebook came along. Si Manny ay nasa press, si Alpha ay isang agribiz entrepreneur, si Bravo ay nasa corporate, si Lima ay nasa […]

In the News: A government run by scoundrels (On Target by Ramon Tulfo, Inquirer)

When was the last time the Philippine elections had truly decent candidates as front runners? The Gordon, Teodoro, Perlas trio reminds me of three highly qualified applicants vying for a an important job. Normally, slackers, canards, and the ethically challenged are blacklisted after the routine background check. If the Philippines were a company, it is […]

Philippine Election Polls: Accurate Surveys or Bad Forecasts – Remember Truman!

Another survey result, another wide lead over whatever. Then there’s this presumptiveness and arrogance that if Noynoy Aquino wins, there automatically is massive cheating. Assuming a smooth, quick, and peaceful election – if the Bradley effect is not enough, there’s also the US 1948 Presidential Elections.

Does an Aquino loss automatically mean there was massive cheating?

Filipinos Should Protect the Ballot – Against Noynoy Aquino Do you really believe that just because Noynoy lost, he was cheated? Survey are snapshots of a general frame of mind during a certain period in time. Just because there is a preference for one candidate does not mean that the preference will be sustained until […]

Are Oligarch-owned Companies Bullying Employees To Vote for Noynoy Aquino?

I read recently that companies owned by oligarchs are having surveys about who their employees are voting for. That’s fine. What’s not right is when companies bully their employees into voting for Aquino. What that implies is that people are being made to vote for Noynoy under coercive conditions. If that isn’t an indicator of […]

In the News: DZMM Interview with Dick Gordon

Mainstream media is purposely depriving people of the message from alternative candidates. But once in awhile media just has to deal with the candid truths presented by Gordon, and how to address these as well. The following videos were compiled from Youtube for your convenient reference. Interview by Alvin Elchico and Lynda Jumilla. Assessment of […]

A Tale of Two Countries – Korea and the Philippines

Korea and the Philippines. Bow. Both were under the Japanese. Both were under the Americans. Both were “born” after World War II. South Korea was among Asia’s weakest economies. The Philippines was “next to Japan” – by virtue of the American infrastructure and developments. Both had dictators – Park Chung Hee and Ferdinand Marcos were […]