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Noynoy Aquino at ang Daang Baluktot: Mali ang Pamamalakad since Day One

“Ikaw na mali ang pamamalakad, ginagarantiya kong hindi ka magtatagal sa iyong pamamalakad kung puro lang kapalpakan, kahihiyan, at katangahan ang iyong dinadala sa sambayanan”. Scoring brownie points on the RHB only works if the bill is actually passed. So, while Aquino is making the right noise on the RHB – it ain’t over until […]

Aquino's Abad Appointments: Nepotism? Cronyism? Favoritism?

Nepotism has its pros and cons. What happens if a family just happens to be talented? Where do we draw the line? The pros are that having the right name is like a premium brand – and is expected to deliver superior service. On the downside – anti-corruption and nepotism/cronyism/favoritism do not mix. What is […]

Walang Pagsisisi sa Simula – The First Three Weeks

This post continues after the first episode that came out a week after May 10, 2010. It will now be nearly three weeks after Pres Noynoy Aquino  formally took office. Prior to that it is presumed that a transition plan was being executed.  At the rate things are turning out – it seems that there wasn’t even […]

Coming to Grips with the Value Chain of Philippine Inc.

What exactly is it that we Filipinos do, as a society that we come up with dismal results. This is a question that has bugged us, keeps bugging us, and will keep on bugging us until we get our sh*t together. Will this election really improve the collective results generated by Da Pinoy? Maybe? Maybe […]