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VAT, SLEX Toll, "Sin Taxes": "Honest" Aquino Breaks Another Campaign Promise

Aquino’s foot in mouth disease just keeps on getting worse. Remember that in his speech before the Makati Business Club Jan 2010 he promised no new taxes and no tax rates hike because curbing corruption will free up funds. Aquino didn’t even wait for a year to flip flop and break his campaign promise of […]

Justice Delayed, Justice Denied: I am too old to till the land

Justice delayed is justice denied, assuming you do get justice – specially with Hacienda Luisita. The progress of cases through the Philippine injustice system is counted in decades – glacial on the average. Unless of course someone is accused of collusion by the World Bank – then you have the entire Congress absolving everyone in […]

In the News (Malaya): Truth Telling by Nestor Mata

At the rate the the Aquino camp and its sorry bunch of spinmeisters are weaving webs of lies and half-truths, one can’t help but wonder.If this is the honesty that Aquino trumpets, it makes me think, paano na lang ang corruption? What sort of half-truth and lies will the Aquinos come up with next? And […]

Ask your Candidate – What's In It For the Philippines?

Sans rhetoric and emo the core issue to each candidate is this – What is your value proposition? What do you bring to the table? What’s in it for me – the taxpayer? What’s in it for my children and community? What’s in it for our country? What’s in it for our public agents? What’s […]