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Video: The Human Genome Project, Race, and Pinoy Racism: SAY NO TO RACISM!

I have been listening to so much crap about the “Filipino race” – and I am cringing from the uber, hyper, super, ultra, mega IGNORANCE. It is high time we get down to what racism is – and what has it got to do with Filipinos – and the rise of Filipino nationalist racism in […]

What Next for Post 8/23 Philippines?

The Philippines has long had a love affair with self-imposed tragedies. Whether it’s sinking ships, buses flying off cliffs, hostage-taking, and continuously voting for rogues as their leaders. Everything was fine and dandy – until the Internet came along. And so on that eventful day of 8/23, a microcosm of Philippine society was placed under […]

Hostage-Taking: From ASG to PNP, One Big SNAFU

For a country that has bore the brunt of natural disasters and man-made disasters, economic malaise, a chronic insurgency, migration of professionals, dysfunctional government, human rights violations, sex scandals, botox for teens – the recent hostage taking was supposed to be just another day in these darn crazy islands. However – it isn’t. With foreign […]