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Are you Really Filipino? Are you Still a Filipino?

Chances are that the recent 2010 Philippine elections could have caused you to ask yourself – what does it mean to be Filipino? Can the Filipino be this stupified? Yes, Watson – that’s the reality, let’s get over it, and start playing the cards we have been dealt with – to the best of our […]

How Many Die-Hard Manny Pacquiao Fans Does It Take to Screw A Light Bulb?

Let’s cut to the chase.  Carolla apologizes, Pacquiao accepts and asks people to understand Carolla because he is a comedian. Pacquiao also asks his fans not to blow the issue out of proportion. Amen!!! Hallelujah!!! The Road to Damascus!!! Exactamente!!! Mismo!! Eureka!!!Rejoice Manny Pacquiao has more brains and class than ALL HIS DIE-HARD BLOWHARD FANS […]

It's How We Filipinos React to Carolla, That Defines Us – Sabi Ni Batman

I thought this Carolla affair was already over. Until, a friend sent me a note on FB after she read MY note – which went like this: Get a life people. I don’t know who Carolla is – but I do know the crap he is talking about. Sex tours – check with your hotel […]

Biruin mo na ang lasing pati na rin ang bagong gising

Nagkakapikonan na naman. Ika nga, different strokes for different folks, lalo na sa komedya. Merong napipika, merong tawa ng tawa, merong dedma, at merong dense. Siyempre, meron tayong dominant state. Por ejemplo ang ating tiyuhing bungisngis, ang tiyahing killjoy, ang pinsang walang kamuwang muwang, atbp. We can be in any of those modes depending on […]

Featured Fil-Am Artist:Jo Koy

Let’s do some entertainment – chillout baga – stuff. Ya know what am saying? One of the fil-am dudes who has gone mainstream is Jo Koy. His comedy draws a lot from his personal experiences – his Pinay mom and the Nintendo Wii, the various mannerisms that unmistakeably describe Pinoys. The dude is hilarious. (PSSSST…. […]