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Can the AFP/PNP Fulfill its Vows on Eradicating Private Armed Groups?

It’s another vow from the AFP and PNP – AFP, PNP vow to strengthen fight vs private armies. How exactly are they going to do this? Are they proposing anything new? Too much attention is being given to end-game activities while focus on information gathering and distribution is lacking. Twentieth century approaches to law enforcement […]

Is the Philippines Becoming a Nation of Cheaters?

Are we a nation of cheaters? It seems we never run out of news about cheating in the Philippines. Way back then, the perception was that only government officials and employees were prone to cheating. Fast forward a decade. We shout in the streets against cheating – everyone else cheats, but us. Really? Is that […]

Are Oligarch-owned Companies Bullying Employees To Vote for Noynoy Aquino?

I read recently that companies owned by oligarchs are having surveys about who their employees are voting for. That’s fine. What’s not right is when companies bully their employees into voting for Aquino. What that implies is that people are being made to vote for Noynoy under coercive conditions. If that isn’t an indicator of […]